Mung Bean Taste 101 – What Do Mung Beans Taste Like? 

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what do mung beans taste like

Have you ever wondered what mung beans taste like? If you have, You’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you how mung beans taste in almost every form you’ll find them in. We will cover the taste of:

  • Adult mung beans.
  • Mung bean sprouts.
  • Mung bean microgreens.
  • Mung bean pasta.
  • Mung bean paste.

And how the taste of mung beans compares to peas.

What Do Mung Beans Taste Like?

When eaten raw, mung beans have a crisp, clean vegetable taste with slightly earthy undertones. When cooked, their flavor is harder to define.  

When mung beans are cooked alone or only lightly salted, they have a wholesome, slightly sweet, nutty flavor. When added to recipes, they take on the character of the dominant ingredients in the dish. Whether sweet or savory, mung beans seem to blend with almost any flavor profile.

This versatility, paired with their high nutritional content, are two of the many reasons mung beans are so prized in many developing countries. 

Do Mung Beans Taste Like Peas?

Do mung beans taste like peas? That depends on the peas that you are comparing them to. If you ask about fresh sweet peas, then mature mung beans are less sweet but slightly nuttier. If you are talking about one of the many varieties of dried peas available, then mung beans are less starchy and offer a much cleaner taste. 

Between field peas, garden peas, and sugar peas, there are dozens of varieties available. Each breed has its own flavor. As a general rule, mung beans have a milder taste than most other legumes. 

What Do Mung Bean Sprouts Taste Like?

If you have enjoyed sushi, spring rolls, stir-fries, or even a garden salad with bean sprouts, then it is very likely you are already familiar with the sweet, nutty taste and crisp, juicy texture of mung bean sprouts. Because of their small seed size and short germination period, mung beans supply most of the bean sprouts in the U.S. 

The most commonly heard description of the taste of mung bean sprouts is the flavor of baby sweet peas served fresh. 

What Do Mung Bean Microgreens Taste Like?

Mung Microgreens have a buttery taste with a bit of bean nuttiness when collected at the perfect time (7-10 days old). When picked too early, they are almost tasteless. If allowed to get too old, they can become bitter. 

What Does Mung Bean Pasta Taste Like?

By itself, Mung bean pasta has a slight bean taste with just a hint of earthiness. It is very subtle, and only the most discerning pallets would really notice. Once any of the commonly used sauces are applied, it tastes much as any other pasta does. Using mung bean pasta is an ideal way to add protein and iron to vegetable pasta dishes. 

What Does Mung Bean Paste Taste Like?

Mung bean paste is a staple of both Chinese and Indian cuisine. It has a gently sweet, nutty flavor, perfect for adding balance to spicy soups and is often used as a thickener. 

Because its taste is so subtle, mung paste is equally at home in deserts like Mooncake. Pastry chefs have even discovered it is an ideal base for decorative icing. If you have recently eaten a cake with sculpted flowers, You have probably eaten mung bean paste.