Are Herbs Monocots or Dicots? (EXPLAINED)

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Are herbs monocots or dicots?

Question: Are herbs considered monocots or dicots?

Quick Answer: Taxonomists classify herbs as dicots and monocots.

Why Are Herbs Considered Dicots and Monocots?

Botanically herbs are “any seed-bearing plant that does not have a woody stem and dies down to the ground after flowering.” Using this definition as a guide, literally thousands of plants, both monocot and dicot, can be considered herbs. The world’s largest herb, the banana tree, is a monocot, while mints are dicots.

Common Herbs and Classification

  • Flax – monocot
  • Sedge – monocot
  • Horse-radish – dicot
  • Wild Ginger – dicot
  • Basil – dicot