35 Fruits that Start with A

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35 Fruits that Start with A

There are a lot of fruits in the world, many of which you might not have even heard of. To help others learn about fruits, here’s a list of fruits that start with A.

Keep reading to learn more about this large batch of fruits…

1. Acai


Acai has become pretty trendy recently. Go into just about any restaurant or health food store, and you’ll find acai bowls or acai juice. But just what exactly is acai?

The plant comes from the swamps of various South American countries. Fruits on the plant kind of resemble grapes with a dark purple or green color.

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2. Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry

Like acai, acerola cherries are native to South America and some Central American countries. They have a sweet or tart taste, and they’re eaten ordinarily in the areas where they grow.

3. Ackee


These fluted fruits come from Africa. It’s a beloved part of Jamaican cuisine nowadays, but if the fruit’s not fully ripe, it’s toxic.

4. Adams Pearmain Apple

Adams Pearmain Apple

The Adams Pearmain apple is a type of apple with green and red skin. It was named after the second president of the United States, John Adams.

5. African Breadfruit

African Breadfruit

Breadfruit is a bizarre name for a fruit, to say the least. It might make some people imagine a strange combination of a bread and a fruit.

These fruits are anything but bread-like, though. They’re round and green with raised bumps all over the flesh. Their seeds are extremely nutritious.

6. African Cherry Orange

African Cherry Orange

African cherry oranges originally come from Africa. There is some risk of these cherry oranges being harvested too much, due to a high demand for their roots.

7. African Custard Apple

African Custard Apple

African custard apples are another fruit that most people have never heard of. All parts of the plant can be eaten, including the fruit and leaves. Those who have eaten it say it tastes a little like pineapple.  

8. African Mango

African Mango

The African mango comes from a tree that’s native to Africa. These fruits, which are similar to mangoes, are used in jellies, jams, and the occasional wine.

9. African Mangosteen

African Mangosteen

It’s pretty easy to guess where the African mangosteen comes from. Bright orange fruits grow on these trees, which are nutritious but still rarely eaten. More often than not, the trees are grown purely for decorative purposes.

10. African Medlar

African Medlar

African medlar is another nutritious fruit. The flavor is similar to apples as the western world knows them, which makes them desirable.

11. Agave


Agave is grown quite frequently as a decorative plant, because of its spiky and visually appealing leaves. However, agave can be eaten. In fact, agave’s sap is an ingredient in traditional and authentic tequila.

12. Akebia


The Akebia plant grows a beautiful purple flower, but also a tasty fruit. Said fruit tends to have a sweet flavor, but the exact flavor varies depending on the type of akebia.

13. Alligator Apple

Alligator Apple

If you’re imagining an apple with bumpy skin after hearing the word “alligator,” you’d be imagining something wrong. Alligator apples have a bright skin much like a Granny Smith apple, except for dark green speckles across the surface.

Some say alligator apples taste like honeydew melons. This is part of the reason why they’re so popular in fruit drinks in some countries.

14. Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry

With its bright red skin, alpine strawberries resemble the strawberries we know and love. They’re a bit longer and narrower, though it’s used similarly to the average strawberry.

15. Amazon Grape

Amazon Grape

Looking for an especially juicy fruit? You might want to try and get your hands on some Amazon grapes, which grow in a few South American regions. You can use them to make excellent jams.

16. Ambarella


The tree that the ambarella fruit grows on can get up to almost 70 feet tall. If you’re willing to risk trying to get the ambarella from this massive tree, you’ll get a round green fruit with a pit like an avocado. It tastes a bit sour with a flavor similar to mangoes.

17. Ambrosia Apple

Ambrosia Apple

By itself, the world “ambrosia” often refers to food eaten by Greek gods or a food with an absolutely irresistible taste. Does the ambrosia apple live up to its lofty name?

We suppose that depends on the person. This type of red apple tastes sweet with a pleasantly firm texture.

18. American Black Elderberry

American Black Elderberry

American black elderberries are small, round, dark-colored berries that grow in some regions of North America. You can safely eat the berries if they’re ripe, but they’re potentially lethal if you eat them when they’re unripe. All other parts of the plant except the flower are also toxic to humans.

19. American Chestnut

American Chestnut

Once upon a time, American chestnut trees were some of the most prolific and important chestnut trees in the entire world. Unfortunately, a disease wiped out 3-4 billion of them in the early 1900’s.

Nowadays, American chestnut trees are classified as an endangered species in the United States. If you ever have the pleasure of eating American chestnuts, consider sampling them around the holidays, as they were once a popular Christmas treat.

20. American Hazelnut

American Hazelnut

American hazelnut shrubs come from the United States. You can eat the nuts, but the plants are generally grown for decorative rather than culinary purposes.

21. American Mandrake

American Mandrake

The American mandrake is also known as the mayapple. These plants, which grow low to the ground, grow fruits that are toxic when unripe. As they become ripe, however, the fruits also become edible.

22. American Red Raspberry

American Red Raspberry

When you picture a raspberry, you probably imagine the American red raspberry. These bright red berries have a pleasantly tart and sweet taste that makes them perfect for jelly.

23. Angular Sea Fig

Angular Sea Fig

With a name like “angular sea fig,” you could be forgiven for thinking that the plant grows in the sea. It actually grows on the eastern coasts of Australia.

It produces a fruit with an edible pulp. In terms of flavor, it’s similar to strawberry with a hint of saltiness.

24. Apple


The word “apple” is surprisingly broad. There are tons of apple varieties out there, and you can even see a few on this list.

We’re including the broader category of apple to ensure our list is complete. In general, apples are fruits produced by trees all over the world.

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25. Apple Berry

Apple Berry

You’ll find the apple berry in Australia. During the summer, the plant produces berries that resemble kiwis.

The fruits drop to the ground and continue to ripen. Some say they taste like kiwis, just like how they look.

26. Apricot


Apricots are pretty common in grocery stores all over the US. It’s surprisingly resistant to the cold, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

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27. Aprium


If the name aprium sounds strange to you, consider the fact that these fruits are a cross between apricots and plums. Their name is just a combination of the words “apricot” and “plum.”

They look and taste like apricots.

28. Araza


You can find the Araza fruit in Brazil, Colombia, or Ecuador. Like lemons, the fruit might be a bit too acidic for many people to eat.

However, you can use it as an ingredient in a juice or ice cream to reduce the power of the acidity.

29. Asian Pear

Asian Pear

The Asian pear is shaped like an apple but has orange-ish skin speckled with yellow. They’re grown in a few Asian countries, New Zealand, and California.

These are fairly expensive fruits. For that reason, some countries give them as gifts to others.

30. Atemoya


Atemoya might just have the most distinct appearance of any fruit on this list! You could describe it as having a shape that’s overall similar to an apple, but it’s covered in bulbous green protrusions that look like scales.

It’s actually a hybrid of the sugar apple and a cherimoya. It’s incredibly juicy and sweet with hints of vanilla in the flavor.

31. Atherton Raspberry

Atherton Raspberry

If you cut the narrowed tip of a raspberry off, you’d get something that looks like the Atherton raspberry. It’s not available in stores everywhere, but you can find it in cooler seasons in Australia.

32. Australian Finger Lime

Australian Finger Lime

When you see the Australian finger lime, it’s easy to see where its name came from. Instead of being round like the limes most people know, it has an elongated shape like a cucumber.

Recently, the demand for Australian finger lime has started to increase. It has small, round juice vesicles inside it which are commonly called lime caviar. These juicy little vesicles are commonly used as a garnish.

33. Australian Round Lime

Australian Round Lime

The Australian round lime resembles the lime most people picture when they imagine a lime. It comes from Queensland in Australia.

34. Autumn Glory Apple

Autumn Glory Apple

If you’re looking for a fruit that perfectly encapsulates the crisp fall season, look no further than the autumn glory apple. It’s a type of apple that has a faintly cinnamon taste and a bright red and yellow skin.

35. Avocado


Avocado has lately had a reputation as a luxury fruit whose flesh is commonly featured in an expensive spread on toast. It’s easy to see where its reputation came from, given its delicious and creamy texture unlike any other fruit.

If you’d like to learn more about them, try taking a look at our guide to where avocados are grown.

Fruits that Start with A