Why is My Ninja Blender Smoking & How to Fix It? (ANSWERED)

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Why is My Ninja Blender Smoking & How to Fix It

Smoke is rarely a good thing in a kitchen, especially if it is coming from an appliance. If your blender has ever started smoking and you wondered why is my Ninja blender smoking & how to fix it, we are here to help.

In this article, we will explore:

  • Why is my Ninja blender smoking?
  • Why is there a burning smell?
  • Can a Ninja blender overheat?
  • How do I fix my blender from smoking or overheating?
  • Was there ever a recall on ninja blenders?
  • Why do blenders explode?

Let’s begin.

So Why is My Ninja Blender Smoking?

The five most common reasons a Ninja blender would smoke and how to correct them are:

  1. Cracked or Torn Seals

Between the blade assembly and the bottom of your pitcher, there is a gasket intended to keep liquids away from the drive base. If it has become worn or torn, fluids can leak from the jar and come into contact with drive parts. These fast-moving parts can generate enough heat to cause smoking.

Inspect the seal for cracks, tears or heavy wear. If your blender is smoking because of a bad seal, you can easily replace the gasket with parts available from Ninja.

  1. Worn or Contaminated Blade Bearings 

The bearings on a Ninja blender’s blade assembly operate under tremendous strain. They not only run at very high speeds but must endure the constant vibrations generated by blending. Over time they can become worn, and food can seep into them, causing them to produce smoke.

The surest solution to correct this issue is to order replacement blades from Ninja. 

  1. Worn Motor Brushes

Electric motors use carbon brushes to transfer electricity to the moving parts of the motor (armature). These brushes can become worn and arc with heavy use, producing a burning smell and possibly smoke.

No work inside the power base of a Ninja blender should be performed by anyone other than an authorized service technician. If you suspect your blender has worn brushes, you should contact Ninja Customer Support for guidance on having the unit repaired.

  1. Damaged Couplers

Couplers transfer power from the power base to the blade assembly and operate under great pressure. If they have become worn or been damaged, they can slip, creating friction and heat. Poor blending results will sometimes be evidence of a coupling slipping and, in extreme cases, smoke.

As with other load-bearing parts of your blender, it is best to consult with customer service representatives before attempting any repairs on your own. 

  1. Overloaded Motor

Ninja blenders have a thermal switch that should shut down the motor before it becomes hot enough to smoke, but any system can fail no matter how well designed. If your motor is overheating, the power base will be uncomfortably hot to the touch.

If you suspect your motor is overheating to the point of producing smoke, you should stop blending immediately and contact Ninja. This is not only a sign of a motor problem but the failure of a safety system.

Why Is There a Burning Smell?

A burning smell coming from your blender is a sign that something is beginning to get very hot. Any of the issues listed above could cause this.  Other possible concerns could be too many appliances on a single circuit causing an electrical overload, the blades on your Ninja blender being damaged or severely worn, your blender being run at the edge of its capabilities, or insufficient airflow to cool your blender motor.

Can a Ninja Blender Overheat?

Yes, a Ninja Blender can overheat.

With any electro-mechanical appliance, overheating is possible if they are placed under heavy loads or run for extended periods. That is one of the reasons that Ninja blenders have a thermal switch on them. 

The thermal switch is intended to sense when the blender is getting too hot and shut it down before damage can be caused or unsafe conditions are created. 

How Do I Fix My Blender From Smoking or Overheating?

To fix a blender that is overheating or smoking, you must first determine the cause. Then depending on why your blender is getting hot, you can take appropriate actions to correct the issue or seek further help.

If the problem is as simple as replacing a cracked gasket or worn blades, the fix should be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, many of the issues that can cause a Ninja blender to overheat or smoke will require the assistance of a repair specialist.

If you have any doubt about the cause of the problem or your ability to take appropriate action, always err on the side of caution and seek professional assistance. 

Was There Ever a Recall on Ninja Blenders?

There was a recall issued in 2015 involving 12 models of Ninja blenders: 

  • BL 660’s: BL660, BL660B,  BL660C, BL660QCN, BL660QPL, BL660W, BL660WM 
  • BL 663’s: BL663, BL663CO 
  • BL 665’s: BL665QBK, BL665QCN, and BL665QWH

The issue noted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was a risk of laceration due to the stackable blades not being secured inside the pitcher. 

Interestingly, none of the Ninja blenders involved in the recall were removed from the market, and a ‘stop sale order’ was never issued. The CPSC only required Ninja to rewrite its product manuals and send out a safety advisory to its customers, informing them of the risk and how to avoid becoming injured.   

Why Do Blenders Explode?

Blenders have been known to explode due to:

  • Overheating, 
  • Improper closing of the lid, 
  • Too much food, 
  • Electrical failure,  
  • Speeding up the blender quickly.

These causes are primarily a concern with older blenders as most modern blenders, including those built by Ninja, now have safety features designed into them that preclude these conditions from being created.

When a modern blender explodes, it is usually too hot a liquid being placed into a non-vented pitcher. If you plan to use your blender with hot ingredients, you should make sure that it is a model designed to release any pressure that might place the blender and you at risk.