Can The Nutribullet 600 Crush Ice? (EXPLAINED)

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Can The Nutribullet 600 Crush Ice

Blender Question of the Day: Can the Nutribullet 600 Crush Ice?

Quick Answer: The Nutribullet 600 can crush ice, but it’s not going to be as good at it as the higher-powered Nutribullet models. If you want to do a lot of ice crushing or thick smoothies, we recommend getting the Nutribullet 900 as a minimum, especially since it’s not that more expensive. While you can process ice in the Nutribullet 600, it’s recommended that you use less ice and more liquid in order to get the blend that you’re looking for. Since the motor isn’t as strong as the Nutribullet Pro 900, it’s going to struggle more with items such as ice and frozen fruit.