Does the Ninja Blender Have a Lifetime Warranty? (ANSWERED)

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Does the Ninja Blender Have a Lifetime Warranty

Curious, does a Ninja blender have a lifetime warranty? We are here to help.

In this guide, we will answer:

  • Do Ninja blenders have a lifetime warranty?
  • How long is Ninja’s warranty?
  • Can you upgrade the Ninja warranty?

Let’s begin.

So Do Ninja Blenders have a Lifetime Warranty?

No, Ninja blenders do not have a lifetime warranty by default.

We are not aware of any blender that does have a lifetime warranty. The most extended blender warranties available are from Vitamix and can last five to ten years, depending on the model purchased.

Ninja blenders come with a One-Year Limited Warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer and a One-Year VIP Warranty if bought directly from the company.

The main difference between the two warranties is that the VIP warranty includes reshipping costs while the standard one-year warranty does not.

You can upgrade the Limited Warranty to a VIP through Ninja Customer Service. They do have a Lifetime VIP warranty option on the Ninja website, but you may have to speak with their customer service reps on how to upgrade to it.

How Long is Ninja’s Warranty?

Ninja warranties their blenders for one year from the date of purchase.

If bought through an authorized dealer, you will receive a One-Year Limited Warranty, and if you buy directly from Ninja, your blender will be covered by the company’s One-Year VIP Warranty. Standard limited warranties are upgradable to VIP status through Ninja’s customer support department.

Nija’s warranty covers non-wearable parts on the original unit deemed defective by SharkNinja. The blender will be repaired or replaced at Ninja’s discretion for a year from the original purchase date.

Can You Upgrade Ninja Warranty?

Yes, if you bought your blender from an authorized Ninja dealer, you can upgrade your warranty from a standard one-year to a VIP one-year warranty for a nominal fee.

If you purchase your Ninja blender through the Amazon website, extended warranty plans are available that can add up to four years to your coverage.