Does the Ninja Blender Have a Juicer Attachment? (ANSWERED)

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Does the Ninja Blender Have a Juicer Attachment?

Getting into juicing and wondering, does the Ninja blender have a juicer attachment? We are here to help.

In this article, we will look at:

  • Does the Ninja blender have a juicer attachment?
  • How do you juice with a Ninja blender?
  • Which Ninja is best for juicing?
  • Is the Ninja Foodi a juicer?

Ready to start? Here we go.

Does the Ninja Blender Have a Juicer Attachment?

No, Ninja no longer offers a juicer attachment for its blenders.

Formerly they offered the Ninja Blender DUO Micro-Juice Blender, but this model has been dropped from the line and is difficult to find even refurbished. 

Now, virtually all of their blenders come with Ninja’s extractor blades designed to crush fruits and vegetables and turn them into liquid nutrition. Extractor blades can also be used to create juice drinks, provided you don’t mind filtering after you finish blending. 

Ninja has also added the Cold Press Juicer Pro to its offerings. The Juicer Pro is a dedicated  juicer that comes with:

  • Cold Press Technology that produces more juice and less foam,
  • Three different pulp filters for texture control,
  • Two one-touch programs for simple use,
  • 16 oz Juice Jug

How Do You Juice with a Ninja Blender? (5 Easy Steps)

  1. Select Your Ingredients

Using a Ninja juicer makes selecting your fruits and vegetables easy. They have the power and a blade design that will handle anything you might want to juice, so let your imagination be your guide.

  1. Cut Up Ingredients 

With the power of a Ninja blender at your command, this step isn’t essential but does lower the stress on your blender, and some believe it delivers more juice with less pulp. Cut your ingredients as small as you like, but 2×2 inch chunks are ideal.

  1. Add a Small Amount of Liquid

This step is also optional but dramatically speeds up the juicing process. Adding a small amount of liquid, whether water, juice, nut milk or bourbon, allows your blender to begin forming the vortex it needs to operate smoothly much faster.

  1. Blend

If your Ninja Blender has an ‘Extract’ program, it will likely deliver the best results in the shortest time. You can also play with different presets and speeds to see what provides the most juice with a particular combination of ingredients.

  1. Filter

The last step is to filter your blended material through a fine sieve, strainer, or cloth, depending on how much pulp you want to leave in your juice. 

Which Ninja is Best for Juicing?

If you are purchasing a Ninja blender for juicing or any other purpose, our top choice is the Ninja Pro Plus Kitchen System.

For just slightly more than you would pay for a blender alone, The Pro Plus System offers all the functionality of one of Ninja’s best blenders and a food processor. 

This kitchen system offers:

  • Two  24 oz. Ninja® blending cups
  • Four blade assemblies
  • Five preset programs
  • 72 oz blender pitcher
  • 64 oz food processor bowl
  • 1400-watts of power

Is the Ninja Foodi a Juicer?

Ninja’s Foodi Family does not yet contain a juicer. 

Designed to help amateur cooks achieve professional results and simplify the lives of experienced chefs, it does contain several blender options that you can use to make juice.

Blenders in Ninja’s Foodi Family include: