Can You Put Vitamins in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can you put vitamins in a blender?

Supplementing with vitamins is a good way to fill in the missing gaps in your diet. But let’s face it, not everyone enjoys swallowing pills. Therefore you might be wondering…

Can you put vitamins in a blender?

Quick Answer: Some vitamins are OK to put in a blender while others are not. Many vitamins are coated with time-release capsules that would get destroyed by blending. Other vitamins were coated with a coating that would allow them to pass through stomach acid without being destroyed. If you want to blend up your vitamins, look for vitamin powders specifically designed to be blended into smoothies.

One such example could be this Vitamin powder which also contains greens.

Can You Put Pills in a Blender?

Unless directed by your healthcare provider, it’s not a good idea to put any pills in a blender. This could change how the pills are absorbed in the gut and result in unwanted side effects or ineffective medications.

Is it OK to Crush Vitamins?

Crushing vitamins is not advised unless the product is specifically designed for this purpose. It all depends on the coating of the vitamins and whether or not they have a functional purpose. If they serve the purpose of time-releasing the vitamins or protecting them from stomach acid, then it’s not a good idea to crush them. It’s best to check with the manufacturer of your specific vitamins.

Does Crushing Vitamins Help with Absorption?

Not necessarily. As we’ve talked about, crushing vitamins can hurt absorption if the vitamin coating is designed to protect it from stomach acid.

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