Can You Put Raw Carrots in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can You Put Raw Carrots in a Blender

Raw carrots are packed full of nutrients and what better way to eat them than in a sauce or a smoothie. But you may be wondering if it’s OK to use your blender to process raw carrots. If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

So can you put raw carrots in a blender?

Quick Answer: Yes! Most blenders can properly handle raw carrots, especially with other liquids. As a rule of thumb, it’s pretty easy for blenders to process anything that our teeth can chew. Therefore, even raw carrots should be an easy task for most modern blenders. We recommend you chop them a bit just to make it easier for your blender to create a vortex.

In fact, blending raw carrots, garlic ginger and some soaked cashews make a fantastic salad dressing.

Should I Boil Carrots Before Blending?

There’s no reason to boil carrots before blending if you don’t want to. However, if you want to make a carrot soup then boiling them would be ideal. Make sure that if you’re going to put hot carrots into a blender that you’re using one that’s designed for hot liquids and has a vented lid. If you put warm carrots in a sealed blender, the pressure can build up and explode!

For hot purees, cooked carrots are better, but for sauces I’ve always found that raw brings more flavors to the table.

Can You Put Baby Carrots in a Blender?

Absolutely! These carrots are pre-chopped so it may be even easier than chopping raw carrots yourself.

Can you Put Raw Carrots in the Nutribullet?

Yes! I’ve blended raw carrots in my Nutribullet 900 many times without issues. It’s the way I prefer to make my salad dressings.

Can the Ninja Blender Blend Carrots?

Absolutely. Any Ninja blender on the market is going to be powerful enough to blend raw carrots into a smooth sauce, dressing or even smoothie.