Can You Make Oat Flour in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can you make oat flour in a blender?

Oat flour is a fantastic replacement for wheat flour and can be used as a 1:1 replacement in most recipes. Making your own flour at home is way cheaper than buying it at the store. Pre-packed oat flour can cost a premium, but luckily it’s easy to make yourself at home.

So the question is – Can you make oat flour in a blender?

Quick Answer: Yes! Making oat flour in a blender is extremely easy. All you need to do is add dry oats to a blender and pulse a few times. If you want to make gluten-free oat flour, make sure that your oats are certified gluten-free as oats are one of those foods that potentially have cross-contamination from processing.

Here are some quick questions that we often see asked about putting oats in a blender:

How to make oat flour in a blender

  1. Take rolled or quick oats from the store and put them into your blender jar. 
  2. Don’t fill the jar too little or too much. Around halfway up the blender jar is a good amount of blending oat flour.
  3. Pulse on your blender (or simply turn it on for one second).
  4. Let the oats settle or shuffle them around manually (make sure the blender is off). This step ensures that you won’t over blend the oats at the bottom.
  5. Pulse again.
  6. Repeat until you have your oat flour in your desired texture.

Can you blend dry oats in a blender?

Yes! There is no need to cook or dry oats before putting them in a blender. In fact, we strongly advise against heating or cooking oats before putting in a blender.

Just throw in rolled oats out of the package into the blender and pulse a few times. 

Can you make oat flour by blending oats?

Absolutely! Oat flour is simply made out of one ingredient: oats. If you have a blender at home, simply throw oats into your blender. Within a few seconds of blending, you’ll have 

Can you put raw oats in the Nutribullet?

Yes! The Nutribullet is a fantastic candidate for blending raw oats and making oat flour. We do it all of the time in our Nutribullet blender and have never experienced and problems or issues.  It makes fantastic flour every time.