Can You Chop Onions in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can you chop onions in a blender?

Chopping onions can be a real pain in the eyes! Therefore, you might be wondering if you can save yourself some tears by processing an onion in a blender. Let’s find out!

So can you chop onions in a blender?

Quick Answer: Yes! Chopping onions in a blender is very easy and almost any blender can do it. You can do this by pulsing or wet chopping which we will explain below.

How to Chop Onions in a Blender

  1. Cut the onion into quarters, removing the outer layer of the skin. Keep as much of the edible skin as possible as that’s where many of the nutrients are!
  2. Throw the onions into your blender.
  3. Press the “pulse” button. After pressing it once, let the onions return back to the blades and then press the “pulse” button again. Repeat until onions are at the consistency that you want.

Wet Chopping: Consider wet chopping by adding water to your blender. This will create a vortex and quickly move all of the onions into the blades. Pour the onion and water mixture into a fine-mesh strainer and you’ll be left with just the onions and no water!

Can I Chop Vegetables in a Blender?

Yes! You can chop vegetables in a blender using the pulse method or the wet chop method. Both are effective at chopping almost any vegetable.

Can You Blend Raw Onions?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s probably better for you! By blending raw onions before you heat them, you release protective sulfur compounds which are one of the main benefits of onions.

Can You Use a Food Processor to Chop Onions?

Yes! Depending on the number of onions you want to chop, a food processor may be more effective than a blender. I prefer a food processor for bigger batches and a blender for smaller batches.