Can You Chop Nuts in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can You Chop Nuts in a Blender

Chopping nuts is a great way to make healthy pie crusts, crumbles, and much more! If you have a blender lying around, you might be wondering if it’s a good tool for chopping nuts. Let’s dive into it!

So can you chop nuts in a blender?

Quick Answer: Absolutely! Almost any blender on the market is a great candidate for chopping nuts. Even small and less powerful blenders such as the Magic Bullet can chop nuts with just a few pulses.

How to Chop Nuts in a Blender

Chopping nuts in a blender is simple:

  1. Add your nuts to the blender – make sure any inedible shells are removed.
  2. Use the pulse function or just turn the blender on for a second.
  3. Let the nuts settle to the bottom and then pulse again.
  4. If you want to chop the nuts into a fine powder or “nut flour” you can blend at low speeds until the nuts form a fluffy powder.
  5. Be sure to not blend at high speeds if your blender is powerful enough to generate heat. This may cause the nuts to stick to the blades, especially if you’re blending things like dates with the nuts.

Can You Chop Nuts in a Magic Bullet?

Yes! The magic bullet is strong enough to chop nuts in just a few pulses. It may however struggle with hard frozen fruits.

What Are the Top Blenders for Chopping Nuts?

We’ve made an entire post dedicated to the best blenders for nut butter.

However, these may not be the best options for simply chopping nuts – it might be overkill!

Here’s a list of the best blenders for simply chopping nuts and not making them into nut butter: