Can You Blend Formula in a Blender? (EXPLAINED)

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Can You Blend Formula in a Blender

Having an infant requires a lot of work. You may be wondering if you can save time by blending a large batch of formula in a blender or using it to remove clumps that may form from manually mixing.

But can you blend formula in a blender? Is it safe?

Quick Answer: It’s probably not the best idea to blend infant formula in a blender. Doing this can bring in excess air which can cause your baby to be gassy.

Instead, it’s based to use a product that’s specifically designed for mixing infant formula. 

One example is the Dr Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher. You can use a device like this to prepare up to 4 bottles at a time.

Simply use the mixing apparatus built into the pitcher and then pour it directly into your bottles. Devices like this are specifically designed to minimize air flow into the formula. It does this by not allowing the mixing blade to come into contact with the air.

With a regular blender, you can’t really control if air comes into contact with the formula as the blades move at too high speeds and tend to send liquid flying all over the container.