Can The Nutribullet Shred Cabbage? (EXPLAINED)

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can the nutribullet shred cabbage?

Blender Question of the Day: Can the Nutribullet Shred Cabbage?

Quick Answer: Yes! The Nutribullet is great at shredding cabbage especially if you use the wet chop method. In order to chop cabbage in the Nutribullet, chop the cabbage into smaller pieces that can fit into the Nutribullet jar. Then fill the jar with water past the cabbage and pulse for a few seconds. The cabbage will be chopped and shredded in a way that’s great for slaws of any kind. You can also shred cabbage using small pulses without any water, but if you blend for too long you run the risk of the Nutribullet pureeing the cabbage rather than shredding it.