Can The Nutribullet Overheat? (EXPLAINED)

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Can The Nutribullet Overheat?

Blender Question of the Day: Can the Nutribullet Overheat?

Quick Answer: The Nutribullet certainly can overheat if you overload it with too many ingredients (such as hard nuts like raw almonds). Upon overheating, the blender will usually turn off and you won’t be able to use it again for a little while. Sometimes, I’ve noticed a smell coming from the unit as well. The good news is that this has been a rare occurrence. After using the Nutribullet at least daily for multiple years, I’ve only experienced this issue a handful of times and it always resolved itself very quickly. You just need to let it sit out for a while and try again later. +

Also, be sure to add enough liquid to whatever you’re blending to give the blades the ability to form a vortex and use momentum to blend.

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