Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? (EXPLAINED)

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Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream

Blender Question of the Day: Can the Nutribullet Make Ice Cream?

Quick Answer: The Nutribullet is a fantastic blender for making ice cream, but it cannot make it the same way that a traditional ice cream maker would. When you make a frozen dessert in the Nutribullet, it’s typically called “Nice Cream” which starts with frozen bananas. Blending frozen bananas in the Nutribullet with ingredients such as plant-based milk, cacao powder, or vanilla bean extract makes a fantastic ice cream replacement that you can eat with a spoon.

The trick is to not use too much liquid when making ice cream this way in the Nutribullet. Start with frozen ingredients and just add little splashes of milk between blending cycles so that the final product is as thick as possible.

You can eat it right out of the blender cup with a spoon!