Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables? (EXPLAINED)

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Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables

Blender Question of the Day: Can the Nutribullet Chop Vegetables?

Quick Answer: Yes! The Nutribullet is excellent at chopping vegetables. There are multiple ways of chopping in this blender and the best way to chop veggies is by doing wet chopping. With wet chopping, you add a bunch of water to the blender jar along with whatever you want to chop. Then you blend for just a few seconds and strain the extra water out. This will ensure that the Nutribullet forms a “vortex” and all of the vegetables touch the blades quickly without breaking them down into a puree.

You can also try doing this without water and just doing quick pulses. Be careful not to have a blend cycle last too long, though. Over blending will cause the veggies to form a puree rather than being chopped.