5 Best Lemon Squeezer Picks (#3 Is Really Unique)

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Looking for the best lemon squeezer? This guide can help! We'll show you a wide variety of different models to choose from for any budget.

best lemon juicers and squeezers

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  • [amazon fields=”B001EU9VSM” value=”link” tracking_id=”tclemonjuicersq-20″ title=”Black and Decker 34 oz Citrus Juicer”]
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Why Use a Lemon or Lime Juicer/Squeezer?

Just a splash of lemon juice can elevate the status almost any meal, taking it from bland to delicious in mere seconds. With all those pesky seeds, however, it is vital to use a good quality lemon press to effectively separate the juice from the rest of the fruit.

While it is possible to use your hands to juice a lemon, you risk getting pips in your food, burning your hands and getting some of the lemon “flesh” in your food/juice. A good quality lemon press will also extract more juice from your lemons than you are able to do using just your hands. This ensures that none of the fruit goes to waste, giving you the most bang for your buck.

If you are juicing a large volume of lemons to make lemonade or to curdle a new batch of nut cheese, a lemon press will enable you to process them in a short amount of time.

It's also great for extracting the juice from citrus fruits and is naturally easier to clean than a blender.

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Good Cook Manual Citrus Juicer System 1.

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Black and Decker 34 oz Citrus Juicer

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Juiceman Citrus Juicer

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Flixdeno Stainless Steel Lemon Press

Prepworks Citrus Juicer with Dome Lid

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