Best Food Chopper for Veggies: Top 8 Options

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Best Food Chopper for Veggies

Best Vegetable Choppers

Similar to the Slap Chop, the Pamper Chef hand powered vegetable chopper is the perfect combination of function and convenience. Its small enough to where its not a huge deal to take it out, and its powerful enough to chop through a bunch of vegetables in a snap.

If you've never used a plunger style chopper before, it works just like you might imagine.

The first step is to cut something small enough to fit under the chopper and then... SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

In a matter of seconds, all of the food will be roughly chopped. If you want the finished product to be a bit more fine, you can simply slap it some more.

While this vegetable chopper is super effective, its main problem is that you'll have to cut the food small enough to fit under it in the first place. While it will still be a time saver compared to running a knife over everything, its definitely something to consider.


  • Comes apart in such a way that it's easy to clean.
  • Easy to store and take out to prepare something quickly.
  • The mess is encased within the unit so food won't be flying everywhere.
  • The slapping motion is easy and fun. 


  • Most fruits and vegetables will need to be pre-cut beforehand into smaller pieces.
  • Can't do anything other than rough chopping - no blade versatility.

This unit specializes in two things: chopping and dicing.

Each one of its blades is ideal for getting vegetables or fruits chopped into different sized cubes.

The way it works is simple: Cut the given vegetable into a manageable size, place on the blades, and press down.

The chopped ingredients will fall into the storage container.

While the storage basket is a bit oddly shaped, it can actually hold up to two cups. It's also got anti-skid feet attached to the bottom of it which prevent the chopper from moving it around while its in use.

In addition, its dishwasher safe, BPA free, and comes with a small tool that makes it easy to push excess food out from between the blades.


  • Storage basket can help keep vegetables and fruits fresh.
  • Comes with three different chopping and slicing blades.
  • Has a specialized handle to handle soft foods.
  • The feet help it stay on the counter and give you proper leverage when chopping.


  • Most vegetables and fruits will still have to be cut into a smaller size to be manageable for the chopper. 

If you've got a large family, this heavy duty Hamilton Beach is going to the ideal model for you.

It may looks like a traditional food processor, but it does a lot more.

This electric food chopper comes with two blades: The standard S-blade to handle mixes, chops, and purees and a shredding / slicing disc. 

If you've ever tried to cut up an entire cabbage on the kitchen counter, then you know just how frustrating it can be. Often times, the cabbage is too big for the cutting board and the act of cutting it causes the cabbage to get all over the counter.

Rather than dealing with that hassle, you can feed smaller cuts of cabbage through the chute of this machine and keep the mess contained. 

The shredding / slicing disc is also perfect for making things like shredded potatoes. Even though many of the manual vegetable choppers can do this as well, preparing an entire 5 lb. bag of potatoes can get very tiring and messy.

It will make many previously overwhelming cooking chores seem easy.


  • An invaluable tool if you need to make food for a lot of people.
  • Can handle rough chopping as well as slicing and shredding.
  • The cleanup is contained to the bowl of the machine.
  • Chute allows for continuous insertion of vegetables, fruits, or whatever you'll need.
  • Affordable for most families.
  • Can also be used to make hummus, spreads, tapenades, ground coffee, and more.


  • If you're cooking for only a few people, it may be too large.
  • Bulkier to store than many of the other choppers on this list.

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The Ninja Express Chop is simple and easy to use.

It has a 16 ounce up that houses the blade and whatever food you're going to be chopping.

You load in the blade, toss in the food, then attach the top part which houses the motor and the pulse button. You simply press the button on the top of the unit when you want to pulse.

This is great because it allows you to move the unit around between pulses should you need to do so. Its handy if you want to tap things around to move them closer to the blades which may be necessary with electric chopping.

It also gives you a lot of control so you can control the roughness of the chop. This lessens the likelihood that you'll turn a chunky salsa into mush by letting it run for too long.



  • Capacity is rather small for large prep.

The Protector Silex is a cute little food chopper which has one specialty: chopping.

Much like all mini food processors, it has a limited capacity with the volume of the bowl being only 1 1/2 cups.

If you're not skilled with a knife, making things like salsas can be quite difficult. It's hard to chop everything up into small enough pieces without having to go over everything multiple times.

If you've got a soft fruit like a tomato, running a knife through it might cause it to bend rather than cut if the knife isn't sharp and the tomato is soft.

Additionally, doing a manual chop on a bunch of onions can be quite irritating for the eyes.

This food chopper can be a great assistant for such tasks.

It's also got a small footprint and an affordable price.

The only problem with this unit is its lack of blade and speed versatility.

It may be difficult to get the exact cut you want. If this concerns you then go for the Hamilton Beach Food processor.


  • A neat and compact tool, ideal for small chopping jobs.
  • Small enough to clean easily with dishwasher safe blades.
  • Affordable for most single individuals.


  • Not big enough to do vegetable prep for large families.
  • If you're not careful, vegetables may turn out finer than anticipated. May have to mix around between pulses.
  • No blade and speed versatility.

The Kainnt adjustable mandoline slicer is what you get when you cross a mandoline with an onion chopper. It comes with 5 interchangeable stainless steel blades that will slice, chop and julienne your food into various thicknesses and cuts.

The most unique feature of this device is that it comes with a fine grating blade that can be used to grate ginger, nutmeg and chocolate for desserts, sauces and garnishes. It also comes with a coarse grater that can be used to grate carrots and beets.

The mandoline slicer can be used to slice eggplants and zucchinis to make healthy “lasagna noodles” or potato chips. The julienne slicer is ideal for terrines and crudités. However, if you're looking for something specifically for cutting potatoes be sure to check out these sweet potato cutters.

This gadget comes with a custom built cleaning brush and is made from high quality BPA-free plastic. It comes assembled and ready-to-use, making it an ideal option for people who aren’t good at assembling things.

All the blades can be conveniently stored in the food container when not in use, making it a good option for people who are tight on space.

The Julienne blades make a great substitute for a vegetable noodle maker , but the real thing is always better!


  • Works as a chopper and mandoline.
  • Comes with 5 interchangeable stainless steel blades.
  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Comes ready assembled.
  • Ideal for performing gourmet style cuts quickly and easily.


  • You can cut your hands if you're not careful.
  • Not going to be as quick as some of the other vegetable prep devices we've listed.

The Paderno is the only device on this list that's a functional spiralizer / zoodle maker in addition to a slicer. This doesn't slice like you might think though.

Rather than creating uniform slices, the Paderno turns veggies into ribbons. This could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

Powered by its high leverage crank, the Paderno comes with the ribbon blade in addition to two julienne/spiral blades.

The user loads the given vegetable into the teeth, lines it up with their blade of choice, and turns the crank. Almost magically, perfectly cut or spiraled veggies fall out the other end!


  • Makes zoodles in addition to ribbon slices.
  • Can handle large veggies with minimal cutting (such as butternut squash).
  • Suction base provides extra leverage.


  • Not very useful for onions or onion vapors.
  • Won't produce mandoline style slices.

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As you might have seen on this list, food choppers can be powered by two different means: electricity or good old elbow grease. Which one is better is up to you, as there are honestly benefits to either design.

For instance, a good thing about manual (hand-powered) choppers is that they don't need an outlet to work. If you lose power at your house or you're planning to go camping, you can rest assured that these choppers can keep working as long as you can.

The drawback to manual choppers, though, is that the shapes and sizes of your veggies can be a limiting factor. You will likely need to cut the food into smaller pieces in advance. Additionally, manual choppers can be tiring to use for extended periods of time.

Electric choppers are fantastic for the person who is doing a lot of bulk cooking or someone who cannot handle a lot of manual kitchen work. Plus, many electric choppers can be used to perform other functions, like grinding spices and coffee. 

Food choppers can handle various amounts of food and food of different sizes. For that reason, you may also want to consider the chopping capacity of the chopper.

Unless you're willing to pre-chop all your food into manageable chunks, you may not want to get a smaller chopper. Furthermore, smaller choppers may make your prep take a greater amount of time, since you'll be limited to chopping in more modestly sized batches.

A large chopper will be able to slice faster. The drawback to them, however, is that they can also take up more space and consequently be difficult to store in between uses.

Even if you really enjoy cooking, odds are, you don't enjoy cleaning up the mess afterward as much. As you can imagine, vegetable choppers can get a bit messy. 

It's better, then, when they have some design element that makes them easier to clean. Look for choppers that can be easily disassembled, allowing you to reach all parts for washing.

Better yet, you can also look for choppers that are dishwasher-safe. These choppers save you a bunch of cleaning time, as you can just slide them into your dishwasher for an effortless cleaning. 

If all your chopper can do is cut your veggies into the same shape and size, it might not have very much use. How often are you going to need that exact same shape or consistency when you need to chop veggies?

This is why many vegetable choppers come with separate blade attachments or functions that increase their versatility. Whether it's shredding, dicing, roughly chopping, or even spiralizing, there are numerous things a single vegetable chopper can do with the right attachments.

Be sure to check the product description for reach prospective vegetable chopper so you can be certain it has all the functionality you need. 

While all the models featured in this list are great at prepare veggies, the Kainnt Mandoline Slicer came out on top thanks to its ability to cater to people with all kinds of “vegetable processing” needs. The 5 sharp interchangeable blades, space-friendly storage capabilities and BPA-free plastic put it ahead of the pack and is likely to prove one of the most useful items in your kitchen.

If the Kainnt isn't going to "cut" it for you, we have another recommendation: the Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor. We think it works great in terms of raw food processing power and prepping for the whole family.

Let us know in the comments if you have other recommendations!

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