9 Best Juicers for Ginger & Ginger Shots

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9 Best Juicers for Ginger & Ginger Shots

Have you ever made your own ginger juice? If not, you could be missing out! Making ginger juice is easier than you think and with a good juicer for ginger, you’ll never have to go to Jamba Juice again. Full disclosure, buying ready-made ginger juice can get expensive over time, and frankly, a waste of time considering you can buy your own extractor for ginger juice.

For the most part, using a juicer for ginger is the same concept as making coffee at home vs. buying one at your local Starbucks. You would be surprised how much money you could save with a juicer compared to buying ready-made ginger juice (or any other kind of juice).

Using a ginger extractor also happens to be really healthy, and if you are struggling to get your dose daily of veggies and fruits every day, a ginger juicer is as good a solution as any.

But to get that bar-quality juice, you need to use the right juicer. There is a dizzying variety of options out there, and since you probably want to make juice from veggies and fruits other than ginger, you need to be careful about your options and find a juicer that will work with other ingredients as well.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best juicers for ginger that will also work with other veggies and fruits. But first, a quick summary of our picks.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Juicer Name Why We Picked It
Breville Juice Fountain Elite for Ginger A powerful 1000 W motor with dual speed control lets you get the most juice out of your ginger. It may be the best ginger juice extractor for the money.
Omega CUBE300S Cube Nutrition Center A relatively quiet operation makes the Cube300S a must-buy if you don’t want to wake up the neighbors!
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820CG One of the most compact designs for masticating juicers, just make sure to slice the ginger root into smaller pieces.
Tribest GSE-5050 For the ultimate juicing experience that does not compromise on quality with a flawless extraction process and unparalleled longevity.
Mueller Juicer Ultra Power Ideal for budget-conscious users who don’t want to sacrifice juice yield.
Cuisinart CJE-1000 A sleek juicer with a small footprint in the kitchen that makes smooth ginger juice with easy cleanup. Juicing ginger has never been easier.
JOCCU Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Need something that gets the job done? Then this slow masticating juicer is for you. It does what it’s designed to do really well, but it could be a bit annoying to use. Scroll down for more.
Hurom HP Slow Juicer A quiet juicer that produces maximum juice from ginger. Prepare to be very patient with the extraction process due to the low-speed 60 RPM motor.
Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine The perfect juicer for users who are in a rush. It can extract ginger juice in under 5 seconds, just make sure to drink it right away for maximum nutritional value.

The Best Juicers for Ginger

Now that you know what to look for when buying a ginger shot juicer, you may be interested in checking out our list of the best juicers for gingers.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite for Ginger

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

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This Breville 800JEXL extractor made it to the top of our list for one obvious reason: the 1000W heavy-duty motor. When it comes to extracting fresh juice from ginger, the more power you can get, the better. The juicer also comes with dual-speed control so you can fine-tune the extraction process depending on the types of fruits and veggies you are using.

The dual-speed can be adjusted for two settings: 6,500 and 13,000 RPM.

The juicer can also be used to extract juice from larger fruits and vegetables. There is no need to prepare the juicer before using it. The cutting blades are extremely durable and are built from titanium. This ensures that the blades stay sharp for longer. A stainless mesh filter basket is provided to simplify pulp management.

Die-cast materials have been used to make the extractor for longevity and durability. The use of automatic shutdown stops the device in case the system is overloaded. Furthermore, this is a high-capacity juicer with a capacity of 1.1 quartz. It is easy to assemble and disassemble after use. The safety mechanism makes sure that it does not go off accidentally.

Although the Breville 800JEXL is easy to use and can work on practically anything, it does show limitations when it comes to leafy greens. You could, in practice, get more out of leafy greens by making sure they are tightly rolled in the center. We found the Breville Juice to be powerful enough to extract juice from whole apples.

The juicer has a very high yield due to its patented system that consists of central loading the axis of the filter basket. This allows the juicer to extract 30-40 percent more nutrients compared to other juicers.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎14.4 lbs

·         Material:‎ Steel

·         Size: ‎‎‎16.5 x 9 x 16 inches

The Pros

  • 1000 watt of power that can cut through anything you throw at it
  • Dual control settings
  • Titanium reinforced discs are designed for longevity
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Built-in safety features
  • Holds up well to many masticating juicers
  • Dishwasher friendly

The Cons

  • Warranty is only available for one year
  • Can get relatively noisy

Omega CUBE300S Cube Nutrition Center

Omega Cube Nutrition System Juicer Creates Fruit Vegetable & Wheatgrass Juice Slow Masticating Compact Design with Convenient Storage, 200-Watt, Silver

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If you are in the market for a juicer that operates more quietly, then the snazzy Omega Juice Cube Series is right up your alley. It is one of the newer machines offered by Omega, and as you can probably tell by the name, it looks like a cube.

It is a compact juicer with modest storage requirements. A built-in rear cavity lets you store the juicer’s accessories – which is a nice change compared to other horizontal masticating juicers that compete for space in the kitchen. Health-conscious users will appreciate the BPA-free parts as well.

Thanks to its highly innovative design, this juicer will take up less space in your kitchen. In addition to making juice from ginger, it also creates nut butter, fruit sorbet, and even pasta. You would think that it would fall short of trying to be an all-in-one machine, but if user reviews are anything to go by, the machine does admirably well when doing all of the above.

It can make frozen desserts, soy milk, almond milk, nut butter, finger tea from ginger roots, and more.

Our only pet peeve with the device is that it uses only 200 watts of power. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it makes for a relatively quiet operation. In fact, it is one of the quietest masticating juicers out there.

It comes with a bunch of accessories including:

  • six nozzles
  • strainer
  • steel juicing screen
  • blank screen

In terms of usage, the device is fairly easy to use – but setting it up can be a little difficult. Assembly would be simple for anyone who is familiar with horizontal masticating juicers. All you have to do is flip the auger housing upright and assemble everything in its place. You can use three adjustable levels to change the pressure for optimal extraction.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎18 pounds

·         Material: ‎BPA-free plastic

·         Size: ‎‎‎10.24 x 10.24 x 10.43 inches

The Pros

  • Minimalist design looks great in any kitchen setting
  • At 80 RPM, you can preserve more nutrients
  • Up to 72 hours of juice shelf life
  • BPA-free parts
  • Innovative cube design takes less space in the kitchen
  • Very quiet operation

The Cons

  • It is relatively slow
  • Narrow feeding chute requires you to cut ingredients into smaller pieces

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820CG

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820CG Higher Nutrients and Vitamins, BPA-Free Components, Easy to Clean, Ultra Efficient 240W, 50RPMs, Includes Smoothie and Blank Strainer-Champagne, Gold

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This compact masticating juicer from Kuvings has some of the best features we’ve seen, including a massive 3.2-inch feed tube that can do it all and multiple strainers to make juice, smoothies, and even ice cream.

You can adjust the strainer to make delicious desserts from different fruits. The smoothie attachments are compatible with smaller ingredients like nuts and leafy greens. A removable cap makes it easy to do a quick clean-up between batches of juice. To top it all off, there is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty so you know your investment is safe and secure.

The juicer also comes with a convenient carrying handle to move it around with ease. The best part is that clean-up is relatively easy, especially when you compare it with other masticating juicers. Moreover, it is easy to remove the leftover pulp for use in other ingredients or for composting.

Did we mention the compact design of this masticating juicer? It can fit almost anywhere without looking like a sore thumb.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎ 15.62 pounds

·         Material: Stainless Steel, Ultem, Plastic‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎8 x 9.5 x 19 inches

The Pros

  • Lots of features
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space
  • Works with almost all fruits and vegetables, including, of course, ginger
  • The juicing process may be a bit slow

The Cons

  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Not much else to complain about

Tribest GSE-5050

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite, Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer with Jumbo Twin Gears

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The Tribest GSE-5050 made it to our list for one simple reason: the sleek, no-nonsense design that fits anywhere in the kitchen. This juicer comes in white and black colors that can match the design of any home or kitchen.

It is mostly made out of plastic – but it manages to stay durable, strong, and rigid. Tribest engineers ensured that the appliance is built to withstand wear and tear over the long term. The gears are made with powerful stainless steel and durable ceramic materials that make it perfect for long term use.

This explains why the device is backed by a massive 12 year warranty. It would be extremely difficult to break this device.

Like most masticating juicers, its motor only goes up to 110 RPM and draws only 200 watts from the wall. The gears feature a patented three-stage extraction function that allows the juicer to extract every drop of ginger juice. It works equally well with both soft and hard ingredients.

The smart design of the gears enables them to crush celery without worrying about the strings wrapping around them. The gears can pull the ingredients toward them and slowly crush them before pushing them into the second and third stages of juice extraction.

In terms of usability, this juicer is fairly easy to assemble and can be used to extract ginger right out of the gate. A drip tray prevents the juice from spilling outside the container and onto the kitchen counter. This is a dishwasher-friendly juicer that makes cleanup easier.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎17.2 Pounds

·         Material: Plastic ‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches

The Pros

  • Clean up is easier
  • Works with most fruits and vegetables
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a generous 12-year limited warranty

The Cons

  • Relatively pricy
  • The extraction process could be faster

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power

Mueller Juicer Ultra Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine, Wide 3" Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, Anti-drip, High Quality, Large, Silver

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The market is flooded with ‘low price’ juicers. But they don’t offer that much in terms of power or juice yield and the durability leaves much to be desired. But Mueller’s Ultra Power juicer is here to upend this trend. It features powerful stainless steel blades that come with dual speed options that go from 12,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm.

You can use the lower speed for softer ingredients and the higher speed for harder fruits with the press of a switch. The juicer also comes with a micro-mesh filter to clear out the unwanted leftover pulp.

Mueller’s juicer also comes with advanced safety features including a locking bar and an automatic switch that goes off when the device overheats or if it isn’t secure during operation. It is worth noting that the juicer, like any other centrifugal juicer, requires a few extra steps to assemble and operate. However, once you’ve set everything up, using it is relatively easy.

Although the juicer is remarkably fast and goes up to 18,000 RPM, this can affect your quality of yield. But it works especially well with dense ingredients like ginger, apple, broccoli, cucumber, and other whole fruits. We recommend drinking the juice within 5 minutes to get the most nutrients out of it.

Do keep in mind that the chute is not very wide so you will have to spend some time cutting any ingredients that are bigger. But besides these little caveats, there isn’t much else to complain about. Mueller managed to squeeze everything into a budget-friendly juicer that does it all.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎2.2 pounds

·         Material: Plastic and stainless steel ‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎16.6 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches

The Pros

  • Affordable – a rare centrifugal juicer for ginger that does it all without breaking the bank
  • Safety features
  • 2L pulp container for high capacity operations
  • 1L juice jug to get the most out of your time
  • At 18,000 RPM, this is one of the fastest juicers in the market that can make a glass of juice in under 5 seconds
  • 2-year warranty
  • BPA free components

The Cons

  • Get overheated very easily and you may have to shut it down so it can cool off
  • May not work with leafy greens

Cuisinart CJE-1000

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

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The CJE-1000 comes with a powerful motor and a wide chute to make ginger juice extraction simple and easy. But it does work with more than just ginger. It can be used to grind coffee beans, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. It comes with the least preparation time in the kitchen so you can start extracting juice from the get-go.

The juice extractor has been designed to keep up with a busy professional’s hectic schedule and tight deadlines. Don’t have all day to spend in front of a juicer? Cuisinart’s juice blender lets you extract juice like a pro.

The motor draws about 1000 watts from the wall and comes in 5-speed settings that you can adjust based on your preferences and ingredients. There are other bells and whistles that make life easier, including foam minimizing filters and a stainless steel housing to ensure no splashing occurs.

Cleanup is also easy because the juicer is made from dishwasher-friendly parts. A two-liter pulp container and cleaning brush further simplify cleanup.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎14.74 pounds

·         Material: Plastic and stainless steel ‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎14.92 x 9.37 x 16.46 inches

The Pros

  • A powerful motor at an affordable price
  • BPA-free parts
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Very quick juice extraction
  • Multi-speed centrifugal juicer for ginger
  • Makes for quiet operation despite the relatively high RPM
  • Easy to use and quick to clean

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work as efficiently for leafy greens compared to slow juicers

JOCCU Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer

Juicer Machines, Jocuu Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer with 2-Speed Modes, Cold Press Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, with Brush and Recipes, for Fruits and Vegtables

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This slow masticating juicer for ginger features a compact design and works especially well with dense ingredients like apple and ginger. It features two settings: soft and hard. The former can be used with ingredients like cucumber, watermelon, grapes, and oranges. Use the hard setting for ‘hard’ ingredients like ginger, beet, and apple.

Because of its slow operation, the juicer extracts as many nutrients from the ingredients as possible. Our biggest concern is the small feeding chute, which means you’ll spend more time on the kitchen counter to cut the ingredients. On the flip side, the small size of the chute means that you can avoid mini accidents in the kitchen (such as accidentally cutting your finger).

Use the reverse feature in case something gets jammed in the juicer or if the machine gets stuck. This feature is particularly useful because it isn’t uncommon for large chunks of fruits to get stuck inside the machine, especially ginger.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎10.65 pounds

·         Material: BPA-free plastic ‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎15.75 x 11.93 x 8.03 inches

The Pros

  • Two different settings for juice extraction
  • Produces fresh and healthy juice
  • Slow operating time allows you to extract maximum juice from ingredients
  • Works with any juice recipe
  • BPA-free plastic

The Cons

  • Stops every 20 minutes to prevent overheating
  • A small feeding chute means more prepping time in the kitchen

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer, White

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As the name suggests, this is a slow juicer, so you’ll need to be a bit more patient with this device. The chute is also very narrow, so expect a lot of prep time in the kitchen. But it’s smooth sailing once you have the ingredients ready for use. Just make sure to strategically use the accompanying strainer: finer for a smooth juice or larger to achieve the consistency of a smoothie.

It takes a few minutes for the Hurom HP Slow Juicer to extract every bit of juice from the ginger. The best part is that it is relatively quiet compared to other juicers. The downward angle of the spout means that all the juice comes out easily.

Cleanup does require a few extra steps. You will need to take apart all the components and rinse them underwater, then let them dry in the air. However, all these steps shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

What makes this device better than other juicers is that it can do pretty much anything. Whether you want to mince herbs, cut down almonds, or large chunks of apples – it manages to extract almost every drop of juice. This is the advantage of using a slow juicer, after all. The auger rotates at a slow speed of 43 rpm but it allows for maximum juice extraction.

You can tell each squeeze is going deeper into the pulp to extract all the juicy goodness from ginger.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎17.26 pounds

·         Material:‎ Stainless steel

·         Size: ‎‎‎20 x 11 x 8.5 inches

The Pros

  • Effective at maximizing the juice yield
  • No wastage
  • Nearly quiet in the kitchen

The Cons

  • Very bulky and takes up a lot of storage space in the kitchen
  • Slow speed
  • A bit on the expensive side

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feed Chute for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal Extractor, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black

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This lineup of juicers caters toward the entry-level market yet packs a lot of features you would only expect in high-end models. You can buy the Hamilton beach juicer machine in black or white colors depending on your kitchen’s aesthetics.

The device comes with a 3-inch wide chute with an extra-large pulp container to maximize juice yield. In theory, you could continue to make juice for about 30 minutes without any interruption thanks to the large pulp container. You could chuck a full-sized apple into the chute and not worry about the juice struggling to grind it. Now that’s convenient.

An 800-watt motor pulverizes anything you throw at it – whether it is hard ingredients like ginger or softer ingredients like orange. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to use and comes with fewer parts to assemble.

The quality of the juice will be lower compared to any masticating juicer, but that is to be expected. Again, we recommend drinking all the ginger juice right away to enjoy its nutritional value.

Once you’re done with juice extraction, you are only a few seconds away from cleanup. All the removable parts of the juicer can be placed in a dishwasher for a quick, no-hassle cleanup. Cleaning by hand only takes a few minutes, if your dishwasher is in use.

Essential Features

·         Weight: ‎‎‎9.48 pounds

·         Material: Plastic ‎

·         Size: ‎‎‎7.8 x 11.5 x 14.4 inches

The Pros

  • The chute is 3 inches wide
  • External pulp collection for nonstop juice extraction
  • Can juice all of the ginger in under 5 seconds
  • Dishwasher friendly parts
  • Quick cleanup and operation

The Cons

  • Very noisy
  • The use of plastics may be off-putting to some users
  • The plastic is not BPA free

Juicers for Gingers – Do You Even Need One?

ginger drink with citrus

Fresh ginger juice at home is a total treat, whether you simply like the taste or want to make healthier cocktails. There are so many things you can do with your juicer, from trying homemade ginger juice to citrus treats, homemade apple juice, and so much more. Your personal recipes will be so much more delicious (and healthier) than what you can find at your local Starbucks, and way more affordable than that can of ginger juice at the grocery store.

When looking for a juicer for ginger, you will be confronted with two popular options: masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers. The former uses augers with metal teeth to crush the ginger, which takes much longer but yields a higher amount of extraction from the pulp. Centrifugal juicers pulverize the ingredients between small, tiny blades in a quickly spinning container, these appliances work faster but can be loud and make more foam.

Things You Should Consider While Buying the Best Juicer for Ginger Juice

The best juicers for ginger are ones that get the job done. Whether you’re like to get your fix of juice morning, noon, and night, or you only like ginger juice occasionally as a pre-workout, getting the juicer that fits with your goals, needs, and preferences will help you get the most out of your budget.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to invest in a juicer for ginger.


juicer with veggies

You probably plan on using your juicer for more than just ginger juice. If that’s you, then you’ll need to think about the kinds of juice that you make most often. Look for a juicer that produces high juice yields to get the most bang for your buck. Most of the juicers mentioned in this guide are great at producing high amounts of dry pulp, which means you will waste less juice and lower your cost in the long run.

Size and Capacity

Make sure your juicer is easy to store in your kitchen (or anywhere else you plan on storing it). For instance, horizontal masticating juicers are known for churning out a high volume of juice, but you may not have the storage space to keep them. Masticating juicers also tend to be much heavier and may be difficult to move from one place to another. This could be a problem if you frequently move your juicers from one counter to another.

If real estate is at a premium in your kitchen, then consider buying a vertical juicer with a smaller footprint. These appliances easily fit in cabinets and move around. Centrifugal juicers are ideal if you need to move the appliance from counter to cabinet. Just make sure that your juicer has a high enough yield to handle your needs. As a rule of thumb, smaller juicers will produce smaller amounts of ginger juice per session.

Noise Consideration

masticating juicer

Another important consideration is noise. Most juicers tend to be extremely loud and wake everyone up. This means you’ll only want to fire them up when everyone is getting ready for work or school so the noise isn’t a factor anymore. But if noise is going to be a problem, consider buying masticating juicers because they are much quieter than centrifugal juicers.


Sped may be a concern if you need to make a fresh batch of ginger juice for immediate consumption in the morning. So masticating juicers may be a tempting investment if noise is a limiting factor for you, but they are also relatively slow. However, some of the fastest centrifugal juicers can make ginger juice in less than one minute. Ginger juicers with multiple speeds may also be helpful because of their high yield per produce.

Blending Power

veggie variety with juicer

Some vegetables and fruits put a lot of strain on the juicer’s motor. Ginger can be a little tough to grind, so you should buy a juicer that has enough power. Keep an eye out for a juicer that spits wet pulp. This type of juicer may not be efficient at extracting all the juice.

However, high-end ginger juicers are good at extracting almost every ounce of juice and leaving nothing but dry pulp. Lower-end juicers tend to be inefficient and may end up wasting the money you spent on the produce.


We’ve been there and done that.

Having to deal with an appliance that breaks after just a few months of usage. That is money down the drain! This is why you want to buy a juicer that will last you a long period of time. While the manufacturing process results in a defective product, most companies offer a limited warranty that protects their consumers from defects.

The length of warranty varies by manufacturer. Try to look for a juicer that offers more warranty. It is worth noting that these warranties do not cover improper usage of the juicer, only the defects.

Ease of Use

large capacity juicer

You will probably prefer using a simple juicer extractor if you don’t have time for all the maintenance. Complicated juicers that take forever to assemble and disassemble may be banished into the closer forever. However, if you want to plan on using your ginger juicer for more than just ginger juice, then it may be worth getting used to the extra assembly.

Juicers with a large extraction capacity give you the highest juice yield but they also take time to feed the pulp into the machine. Juicers with external containers let you continue making ginger juice in great quantities without having to pause.


egg and veggie skin for compost

Cleaning a juicer can be easier said than done. Most juicers for ginger involve a lot of maintenance although you can use the leftover pulp in other recipes to minimize wastage. When you choose a juicer for ginger, you will want to think about the type, as well as the number of people you will be serving, and the kitchen space you have. There are tutorials you can watch to learn more about juicer cleaning. We also recommend buying models with a specialized juicer cleaning brush that makes cleaning less of a chore.

Design and Finish

juicer making apple juice

The appearance of the ginger juicer is no small matter. Outside of its features and functions, a ginger juicer’s exterior can have a big impact on the room’s aesthetics. Pick poorly and the juicer can clash with the surroundings – giving your kitchen a boring, cluttered look. Depending on your preferences, you may decide that your new juicer should match the color of nearby appliances.

You may go with the opposite and choose a juicer with a rather unconventional design and striking colors. Regardless of the style you choose, your juicer’s appearance should serve as a positive focal point.

Energy Efficiency

Power is an important consideration when choosing a juicer for ginger. The power of any appliance is measured by watts. Most juicers use between 200 to 800 watts. Slower juicers, like masticating juicers, don’t require as many watts. Centrifugal juicers with rapidly spinning blades will require more power from the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Juicer Handle all the Fruits and Vegetables?

citrus press

Most of the juicers mentioned above can be used with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but they are particularly effective at extracting juice from ginger. But if you are in the market specifically for citrus fruits, you may want to consider buying a citrus press because it would not be suitable for making juice from other veggies and fruits.

Is it Hard to Clean Juicers?

Producing ginger juice may be the healthiest lifestyle change you can make for your body, but let’s be honest, those juicers can get very messy. And after you’ve filled your glass with ginger juice, you will have leftover ginger pulp to clean up. For some people, the mere idea of cleaning up pushes them off from buying a ginger juicer.

But the good news is, that there are many ginger juice extractors that are relatively easy to clean. Just make sure to find a ginger juicer with a specialized cleaning brush to make it easier to leave the juicer spotless and ready for the next juicing session.

Why Should I Make My Own Ginger Juice?

ginger juice ingredients

By making your own ginger juice, you can control what goes into the concoction and fine-tune the taste according to your preferences. Moreover, you can also ensure that the extract is healthy and doesn’t contain any preservatives. Store-bought cans often feature ingredients and preservatives that aren’t very healthy for you. An all-natural homemade ginger juice may contain more nutritional content than commercially made juices.

Is it Worth Spending the Money on a Ginger Extractor?

If you are using your ginger juicer on a regular basis, then yes. Before you invest the money in an expensive juicer, you should evaluate whether you plan on using it. If you can take out the time to use the juicer every day, then you will eventually get your money’s worth. However, if you keep your ginger juicer tucked away in a closet somewhere, you might want to get something that is a little more affordable.

How Can I Know if a Ginger Juicer is Good for Me?

Besides providing a list of the best ginger juicer machine for the money, we’ve also provided you with a list of features that are important for juicers. Factors such as dimension, speed, wattage, and those extra bells and whistles should be considered when pouring money into a juicer. No two juicers are built the same, so make sure to find one that works according to your preferences.

Is Ginger Juice Actually Healthy?

ginger root and powder

Ginger is known for its wide range of health benefits. It is often referred to as a superfood- and for good reason. Most experts agree that its nutritional density per portion is relatively high compared to other fruits and ingredients. Besides being delicious, organic ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. It’s no wonder why ancient civilizations used ginger to treat all kinds of ailments.

Ginger can be used for heart health, nausea, headaches, and so much more. We’re not saying it’s a cure-all for anything and everything, but downing a glass of ginger juice every day could be a gamechanger when it comes to improving your health markers.

What is the Difference Between a Masticating Juicer and Centrifugal Juicer?

spinning juicer

A fair bit of industry jargon goes into ginger juicers. The terms you are more likely to encounter are masticating juicer and centrifugal juicer. A simplistic definition of slow masticating juicers is any type of juicer that works slowly to grind ingredients to release ginger juice.

On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer is one that spins the ingredient at high speeds to extract the juice and cuts them apart between fast spinning teeth.

Which Juicer is Best for Nutrient-Dense Juice?

The answer to this question largely depends on who you ask. Most experts agree that masticating juicers are good at extracting juice from gingers. This is because masticating juicers push less air into the juice, so it stays nutrient-rich for longer compared to centrifugal juices. This doesn’t mean that centrifugal juices are any bad. They can be just as effective.

Which Type of Ginger is Best for Making Juice?

smelling ginger root 

It may come as a surprise but not all gingers are created equally. Look for ginger with taut, shiny skin. The skin of the ginger should not be fibrous and thick. You should be able to remove the skin with your nail. You can also perform a little smell test. If the smell is pungent and spicy, then your ginger is good enough for making juice. But if the ginger has soft spots, that is a sign that it’s probably expired.

How Should I Store Ginger?

If you tend to make ginger shots very often, consider storing them in a resealable bag (make sure to remove all the air). And if you really want to preserve your ginger, consider storing it in the freezer.

What Should I Do with the Leftover Pulp?

If only we could turn all of the ginger into juice – but we don’t live in a perfect world. You will have to deal with some leftover pulp, not just from ginger but also from other fruits and vegetables. But you don’t have to dump it all away. You can use the leftover pulp for other recipes that may need them. Another alternative is to use the leftover pulp as compost.

Should I Remove Seeds from Juicers?

Although ginger does not contain seeds, other fruits and veggies are grown with them. If you juice the ingredients with seeds, the seeds will not end up in the juice. In the case of apples, we do recommend removing apple seeds because they contain amygdalin, which may be poisonous if digested.


So there you have it, our countdown of the best juicers for ginger. These appliances are designed for maximizing the nutritional value of your ingredients and can be used for a long period of time. Some of these products come with 10 and 12-year warranties so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

Here is a quick recap:

  • if you want a juicer that quickly extracts ginger juice, choose Breville Juice Fountain Elite for Ginger
  • if you want to get all the juicy goodness of your ingredients, choose Tribest GSE-5050 for maximum juice yield
  • and if you are looking for a budget-friendly juicer that doesn’t sacrifice taste and nutritional value, choose Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

If you think we missed a good juicer that strikes the ideal balance between affordability and quality, let us know and we may update this space with more suggestions.