Is Wine Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is wine bitter

Question of the Day: Is wine bitter?

Quick Answer:  Some wine is bitter, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and other red grape-based wines. These red wines contain high levels of tannin in them, which lends the bitter flavor that they are often characterized by. The level of bitterness of the wine is derived while the grapes are undergoing the fermentation process.

Is Wine Supposed to be Bitter?

Some types of wine are indeed meant to be bitter due to the ingredients and fermentation process. For example, most types of wine that don’t include fruit or flowers in their make-up are almost always bitter. Older wine has a chance to break down and become less bitter with time.

Is Red Wine Bitter?

Red wine has the highest amount of tannin out of any sort of wine. The high level of tannin in the wine makes for a highly bitter flavor. Further, if red wines are indulged in without being chilled first they may taste even more bitter.

What Kind of Wine isn’t Bitter?

Wines that have less tannin than red wines, such as Moscatos, Ports, and Rieslings, generally have plenty of residual sugar left over after the brewing or fermentation process. That means they are much sweeter and have little to no bitter tones to their flavor.