Is Vinegar Sour Or Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is vinegar bitter

Question of the Day: Is vinegar sour or bitter?

Quick Answer: Vinegar tastes both sour and bitter, depending on the type and quality. The sour taste comes from the alcoholic fermentation process and the sourness is from the acidic nature of the vinegar. Store bought white vinegar may be more bitter, whereas apple cider vinegar may taste slightly more sour than bitter.

Why Does Vinegar Taste So Sour?

The primary ingredient of authentic vinegar is acetic acid, that means that there is no escaping a potent sour taste (and smell). Both white and apple cider vinegar are sour tasting.

Is Vinegar More Sour or More Tart?

Vinegar is technically sour tasting. If it were less acidic, and sweeter, it would be considered tart. For example, lemons are also sour but if you sweeten them with sugar they become tart rather than sour.