Is Tahini Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is tahini bitter?

Question of the Day: Is tahini bitter?

Quick Answer: Tahini has quite a different taste than what you might expect; it has a slightly sweet flavor accompanied by a sometimes overpowering bitter taste. In comparison to nut butter, tahini can definitely be considered bitter. The key to tahini not being too bitter to enjoy is in what you eat it with.

Should Tahini Have a Bitter Taste?

Tahini is known for having a somewhat bitter taste. That said, depending on the brand (or product), the bitter part of the flavor may be even more potent. The reason some tahini is more bitter than other brands is due to the poor quality of the seeds, or the seeds being over-roasted. The best brands have very little bitterness.

Why Does Homemade Tahini Taste Bitter?

Homemade Tahini, typically made from unhulled seeds, tends to have an at least slightly bitter taste to it as the seed’s coating is bitter. If you are familiar with homemade tahini, or tahini in general, the level of bitterness is acceptable.

What Does Bad Tahini Taste Like?

Once tahini has gone “bad” it begins to smell stale (or a bit musky in some cases) and the taste becomes much more bitter than it was when it was still good.

How Do You Get the Bitter Taste Out of Tahini?

The bitter taste of tahini is easily countered by adding a bit of salt. Further, mixing the tahini with lemon juice, garlic, and other salty or potent flavors also lowers or masks the bitterness in tahini.