Is Rosemary Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is rosemary bitter

Question of the Day: Is Rosemary bitter?

Quick Answer: Rosemary is a potent herb that has a stronger taste than most kitchen herbs and spices. Some people compare Rosemary’s taste to something like the smell of pine, with a hint of bitterness. Because it is so strong it is ideal for use in cooking meat with strong flavors like venison or mutton.

Is Rosemary a Bitter Herb?

Yes, rosemary is a bit of a bitter herb in comparison to other kitchen spices (regardless of whether it is fresh or dried). Some cooks compare the taste to something between eucalyptus and camphor. 

Why does my Fresh Rosemary Taste Bitter?

Even rosemary species that are less bitter than others may become somewhat bitter if overcooked. At any rate, it is a potent herb to say the least (which is exactly why it takes so little in recipes, compared to other herbs).