Is Radicchio Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is radicchio bitter

Question of the Day: Is radicchio bitter?

Quick Answer: The radicchio belongs to the chicory family of plants, leafy veggies known for having sharp and spicy flavor with undertones of bitterness when eaten raw. If cooked, radicchio loses most of its bitterness (which is most likely a light flavor to begin with).

Is Radicchio Supposed to Taste Bitter?

One of the main characteristics of radicchio is its bitter taste. So, yes, radicchio is supposed to taste bitter. The bitter flavor of radicchio makes it a perfect ingredient for countless main dishes and side dishes alike. 

Does Cooking Radicchio Make it Less Bitter?

Cooking radicchio in various ways will reduce the level of bitterness in the final flavor. Boiling radicchio lowers bitterness, as does roasting and grilling it. That said, radicchio is supposed to be bitter, and the full force of the bitterness will never go away.

How do You Sweeten Radicchio?

How do you make radicchio sweeter than it’s supposed to be? Easy: simply add a bit of salt, pepper, and splash of vinegar, and a dash of sugar  and/or honey.