Is Quinoa Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is quinoa bitter

Question of the Day: Is quinoa bitter?

Quick Answer: Quinoa is coated with an outer layer that has a bitter taste. The natural saponins that cause the bitter taste are more or less a defense mechanism to protect the plant from pests as it’s growing. That said, if left untouched, quinoa becomes extremely bitter and inedible.

How do You Make Quinoa Less Bitter?

Thankfully, removing the bitter taste from quinoa is a relatively easy process. Simply place it in a strainer, run cold water over it for 60 seconds or so (until the water is clear that leeks from the strainer). Now your quinoa is ready to be prepared.

Is Quinoa Flour Always Bitter?

Quinoa flour is almost always bitter due to the toxic glycoside, saponin, that is found on the exterior of the seed. However, depending on the other ingredients that are used in the quinoa flour, it may be less bitter (a spoonful of sugar and all that jazz).

Is Saponin (Found in Quinoa) Toxic to Humans?

Generally speaking saponin is relatively harmless to humans, with the worst case scenarios being slight irritation and other minor issues with certain people. That said, the saponin’s level of toxicity is so low that it has no negative impact on the average person.