Is Olive Oil Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is olive oil bitter

Question of the Day: Is olive oil bitter?

Quick Answer: Fresh olives indeed have a naturally bitter taste, and so does olive oil. However, the bitterness is a good thing, because it is a sign of oil created from healthy and ripe olives. Many olive oils are cut with other ingredients to balance the bitterness. That said, it may take some tasting around to find the right olive oil for you, bitterness wise.

What does it Mean When Olive Oil Tastes Bitter?

The primary reason that olive oil tastes bitter is the chemical compound phenol. When oil is extracted from green olives, this elemental characteristic (a bitter taste) is unavoidable. That said, depending on the olive species, and the extraction process, it may vary it bitterness.

Should Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taste Bitter?

Extra virgin olive olive is mostly always bitter, regardless of the individual product or brand. The level of bitterness may vary, but just about all extra virgin olive oil has a spicy and bitterish flavor. That, however, is one of the reasons that it compliments so many different dishes so well.

What Olive Oil is Not Bitter?

Olive oil is almost always bitter, at least to some degree, however, some brands are much more mild and less bitter in general. Royal, Arbequina, and Picudo are just a few examples of the least bitter types of olive oil on the market.