Is Matcha Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is matcha bitter

Question of the Day: Is matcha bitter?

Quick Answer: Matcha has undertones of bitterness as well as sweetness, with a stronger vegetable and umami type flavor. It is important to note the difference between ceremonial matcha and culinary matcha; ceremonial may be fine for drinking but culinary grade needs other ingredients. Matcha is a great ingredient for smoothies.

Why is Matcha so Bitter?

The primary reason for Matcha having a bitter taste is the level of chlorophyll found in the plant. Because the component is sensitive to high temperatures, it breaks down while being brewed and releases a bitter taste. It’s as simple as that.

Is Matcha or Green Tea More Bitter?

Believe it or not, many popular green tea types are more likely to have a stronger bitterness level to their taste than matcha does. That’s because of several reasons, including the levels of chlorophyll found in the tea leaves. Matcha does have the most earthy flavor though, but it is slightly less bitter than most green tea.

How do You Sweeten Matcha?

If you want to sweeten your matcha, there are several ways to go about it:

  1. add honey
  2. add maple syrup
  3. add white, brown, or coconut sugar
  4. add agave
  5. add stevia
  6. add another sweet ingredient