Is Guinness Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is guiness bitter?

Question of the Day: Is Guinness bitter?

Quick Answer: Guinness has a bitter taste to it, accompanied by a smooth sweetness that is due to the hops used in brewing the drink. It also has chocolatey and coffee-like undertones to its flavor, probably thanks to the roasted unmalted barley used during the brewing process. Ultimately, compared to many similar lagers or beers, or to those who don’t drink often, Guinness may be considered quite bitter.

Is Guinness Always Supposed to be Bitter?

Guinness is always bitter, due to the ingredients in it and the process used to brew it. The malty and hoppy flavor of Guinness is sweet and chocolaty with hints of a coffee tones in the flavor as well. Overall, Guinness should be potent, smooth, even creamy, while yes, being bitter.

What is it That Makes Guinness Stout Bitter?

The barely that is used in making Guinness is one of the main things that makes it bitter. The malt and sugar in the Guinness balance out the bitterness of the roasted flavor of the barely. The end result is a stout and creamy flavor with a sweet and malty smell to it.