Is Green Tea Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is green tea bitter?

Question of the Day: Is green tea bitter?

Quick Answer: Green tea isn’t bitter in general. That said, green tea that has been brewed at a high temperature does become bitter. The reason is that the polyphenols in green tea are leased at extremely high rates when it is brewed at too high of temperatures. In the same breath, low quality green tea may be bitter even if slow-brewed on low temps or cold brewed.

Is Green Tea Naturally Bitter?

Having a naturally high amount of catechins, green tea is bound to be bitter. Even more, when it is prepared in hot water, it comes off with an even more bitter taste. Yes, green tea is naturally bitter (but not as bitter as if you expose it to hot water).

How do You Take the Bitterness Out of Green Tea?

The bitterness in green tea is easy to balance out by adding extra ingredients like sugar, honey, or lemon to the tea. Lemon juice is probably the best way, because it is citrus and takes very little to neutralize the bitterness. That said, wait until the green tea has cooled down before you add lemon juice to it for the best affect.

What is Non Bitter Green Tea?

Most green tea is bound to be bitter IF it is prepared in hot water. If it is made in cool water, it takes longer to prepare but it is not as bitter. Otherwise, you need to buy a special type of product such as the Lipton Green Tea Non-Bitter (100-percent Sencha tea). This tea tastes lighter, fresher, and has no bitterness at all.