Is Gin Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is gin bitter?

Question of the Day: Is gin bitter?

Quick Answer: Gin has a citrusy-bitter taste to it if it is of good quality. If you’ve never had gin before, don’t let the clear waterish appearance fool you; it is a strong alcoholic beverage and you’ll notice its bitter taste upon sip number one.

Is Gin Sweet or Bitter?

Gin is both mildly sweet and somewhat bitter, with strong piney-citrus type taste and smell. Juniper berry accounts for the pineish flavor, and lime peels and herbs account for the rest of the flavor. Gin is also partially sour.

How do You Get the Bitterness Out of Gin?

The best way to get the bitterness out of gin is to add salt. Any sort of salt that you prefer will do the trick, though granulated salt is preferred. A general rule of thumb is to add between a pinch and half-pinch of salt with your pointer finger and thumb to gin drinks that are up to 12 ounces. Increase the amount accordingly if you are preparing larger amounts of gin.

What’s the Difference Between Gin and Dry Gin?

The only difference between gin and “dry” gin is that dry gin has zero artificial flavors added. Everything you taste in dry gin is the result of natural ingredients. On the other hand, “regular” gin has some sort of artificial ingredients added at some point.