Is Coffee Supposed To Be Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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is coffee supposed to be bitter?

Question of the Day: Is coffee supped to be bitter?

Quick Answer: Coffee is not naturally bitter. When it is prepared “properly” it has a strong and full flavor, but there isn’t much bitterness to it. If you drink coffee that is brewed extra-strong, and you don’t add milk or sugar to it, in that case, it may indeed have a bitter-like taste.

Is Black Coffee Always Bitter?

Black coffee is most always bitter, no matter what you do it is at least slightly bitter. That said, if you use a light roast or medium roast coffee blend, or grind your own fresh beans, your black coffee could be less bitter than usual.

How do You Get the Bitter Taste out of Coffee?

There are a few popular ways to get the bitter taste out of coffee:

  1. brew the coffee for a shorter period of time
  2. brew coffee weaker 
  3. grind the coffee coarser
  4. add sugar, creamer, or other additives

Why does My Coffee Taste Bitter?

Acids from the coffee breaks down and dissolves when it is brewing with water. The more bitter your coffee is, the more over-extracted the coffee is from the grounds. If your coffee is ground too fine, it is likely to be over-extracted during brewing.