Are Oranges Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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are oranges bitter?

Question of the Day: Are oranges bitter?

Quick Answer: Oranges aren’t as bitter as they can be sour. That said, may sour-type oranges do have a slightly bitter taste when they are fresh. Also, sweet oranges that taste bitter are most likely spoiled as they shouldn’t be bitter at all.

Why does My Orange Taste Bitter?

Oranges may be somewhat bitter when their are fresh because their flesh is at its tartest and most bitter. That said, even once fully ripe, some oranges always have a slightly bitter taste due to the acidic juice in the fruit.

Can You Eat a Bitter Orange?

Bitter orange is perfectly safe to consume, and even has several health benefits to offer. However, if you happen to be someone with high blood pressure, or are otherwise at risk of stroke or have heart issues, you may want to avoid eating bitter orange (or at least consult your family doctor first).

What Can I do With Bitter Orange?

Most of the time, bitter orange is eaten raw, despite that it has a somewhat bitter aftertaste. That said, it is also great for jam, marmalade, juice, tea, salad dressing, and countless other recipes and uses.