Are Grapefruits Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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are grapefruits bitter

Question of the Day: Are grapefruits bitter?

Quick Answer: Ripe grapefruits are not nearly as bitter, generally speaking, as people may conceive them to be. Fresh grapefruit is more tart, or tangy, than it is bitter. It is also sweet, like oranges. However, in juice form, it is typically more bitter than the fresh fruit.

Why does my Grapefruit Taste Bitter?

Grapefruit juice is highly acidic and therefore always has a bitter taste (to one degree or another) regardless that it is also rather sweet. The peel of the grapefruit also has an essential oil on it that causes extra bitter tones to the flavor.

Are Grapefruits Sour or Bitter?

The sweetness of grapefruits balances out a bit of the bitterness, making them a bit sour rather than overly bitter. However, depending on the species, and if you are growing your own, your grapefruits may be more bitter than sour due to growing a less sweet variety.

How do you Take the Bitterness out of Grapefruit?

Grapefruit is typically seen as bitter (and so it is), though more often than not the fruits you purchase in grocery stores are actually a bit more sour than they are bitter.

If you want to reduce the bitterness of your grapefruit:

  • Add sugar
  • Add stevia
  • Add brown sugar
  • Add honey
  • Add salt
  • Add other fruit or juice (with lots of natural sugars)