Are Dandelion Greens Bitter? (EXPLAINED)

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are dandelion greens bitter

Question of the Day: Are dandelion greens bitter?

Quick Answer: Dandelions are a rather tasty treat, though their greens are indeed bitter. You may add additional ingredients to balance out the bitterness of dandelion greens (if eaten in a salad) or remove the greens altogether. Blanching the greens may also reduce their level of bitterness as well.

Why does My Dandelion Taste Bitter?

Dandelions taste bitter due to something inside of them called sesquiterpenes, which are water soluble chemicals. These chemicals are found in the white milk-like juice of dandelions  (and their leaves). It is this chemical that causes your taste buds to recognize the bitter flavor.

How do You Get the Bitter Taste out of Dandelion Greens?

Blanching dandelion greens is the best way to get the bitter taste out of them. The process of blanching dandelion greens includes boiling them in salty water for anywhere from under a minute to just over 2 minutes and then draining the water out and transferring the dandelion greens to an ice bath (or ice water).

How do You Eat Bitter Dandelion Leaves?

Eating bitter dandelion leaves isn’t nearly as bad, or bitter, as it seems. You can simply add citrus juice like lemon juice, mandarin oranges, or even white or green bean varieties to create a sort of salad. However, eating dandelion greens raw is obviously an acquired taste (so don’t expect them to taste like baby spinach!)

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