Where to Buy Pumpkin Seeds (and Which Grocery Store Aisle They’re in)

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Where to Buy Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be used for a variety of purposes. Roast them and salt them, and you’ve got a tasty snack just like nuts. Sprinkle them in a salad, and you have a salad with an appealing crunch. You can even coat them in cinnamon to turn them into a small treat.

Of course, the starting step to all these recipes is to have pumpkin seeds available first. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on them, we’ll show you where to buy pumpkin seeds here.

Don’t have time to make a trip to the store? Use the table below to order pumpkin seeds online instead.

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Where to Buy Pumpkin Seeds

1. Kroger

Kroger stores are massive and filled with all kinds of food to stock your kitchen with. They even have their own brand of bagged pumpkin seeds that you can snack on.

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2. Walmart

Like Kroger, you can usually find just about anything at a Walmart. Because they’re everywhere and they typically have pumpkin seeds, this means that pumpkin seeds are probably within your reach. Stop by your Walmart to pick up some Now Foods Raw Pumpkin Seeds or David Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds.

3. Target

There are quite a few pumpkin seed options at your local Target. You’ll likely find several brands to choose from: Good Sense Roasted and Salted Pepitas, David All Natural Pumpkin Seeds, or Good & gather Organic Pumpkin Seeds.

4. Albertsons

If you have an Albertsons in the area, you can check there, too. They will probably have some raw packaged pumpkin seeds that you can grab.

5. Whole Foods

Do you prefer to ensure that your food is organic? If so, Whole Foods is a wonderful place to shop at. They have organic pumpkin seeds in eight-ounce packages.

6. Meijer

Live near a Meijer store? You can stop there to check for pumpkin seeds, too. We were able to find these Meijer brand salted pumpkin seeds there.

7. Aldi

We personally love stopping at Aldi when we’re looking for a good deal. Fortunately, it looks like they also have Southern Grove pumpkin seeds in resealable bags in stock.

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8. HEB

HEB has many generic brands to offer if you’re looking to save a bit. They have their own brand of generic pumpkin seeds available in easy-to-store plastic packages if you stop on by.

9. Trader Joe’s

The ever-trendy Trader Joe’s is famous for its delicious food options. If you’re one of many, many people who love to shop there, you’ll be pleased to hear that they also should have pumpkin seeds for sale.

10. Hy-Vee

Another store you can check is Hy-vee. They have bagged fire-roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt that would make a delicious snack by the handful.

Looking for another way to give your salad some texture? Pine nuts work wonderfully, too, and here’s where you can buy them.

11. Safeway

You can check at your nearby Safeway for pumpkin seeds. They may have these bags of David roasted and salted pumpkin seeds for sale.

12. Wegmans

Wegmans has a lot of amazing stuff for sale. You can get bulk organic pumpkin seeds in convenient plastic packages there.

13. Your Local Health Food Store

This may not be an option everywhere, but if your town is large enough to warrant its own health food store, that could be a great place to check for pumpkin seeds. As a bonus, you’ll probably find lots of other healthful and tasty products for your kitchen, too.

14. Amazon

When all else fails, you can always turn to the internet to get what you’re unable to find in local stores. Amazon has tons of pumpkin seed options to choose from based on your needs. We personally love the look of [amazon fields="B07VVH6FDY" value="link" title="Anthony’s Organic Pumpkin Seeds"] because we trust the brand and know they provide quality products.

What Grocery Store Aisle are Pumpkin Seeds in?

There are a couple places you can check for your pumpkin seeds once you’re in the grocery store. The first place is the bulk foods section, which is where you’re able to weigh out and bag your own nuts and candies. Usually, you can find raw pumpkin seeds there, which you can either weigh out yourself or purchase in store brand plastic packages.

If you’re not finding pumpkin seeds there, the next place you check is the snack foods aisle. You might be able to find some salted pumpkin seeds to snack on near the nuts.

Common Questions about Buying Pumpkin Seeds

How much do pumpkin seeds cost?

The cost of pumpkin seeds varies widely depending on the brand, packaging, and qualities. Organic and raw pumpkin seeds, for example, may be a bit costlier than salted snack ones.

Expect to spend anywhere from a couple to a several dollars depending on the type of pumpkin seed you choose. If you’re ordering your pumpkin seeds online, you may also have shipping costs on top of that.

Can you buy fresh pumpkin seeds?

If you’re thinking of pumpkin seeds that were just pulled out of the pumpkin, you’re not likely to find them in your grocery store. Generally, you’ll find preserved and prepackaged pumpkin seeds.

For the freshest pumpkin seeds, consider buying a whole pumpkin while they’re in-season (usually in the fall). That way, you can use the whole pumpkin – including its seeds – right away.

Where is the best place to buy pumpkin seeds?

In our opinion, the best place to get pumpkin seeds is to harvest them yourself. This can be a fun activity – you can carve a pumpkin and make the seeds into a snack afterward. Even if you’re not interested in carving it, you can use the flesh of the pumpkin for a huge range of recipes.

Assuming this isn’t an option, the best place to buy pumpkin seeds is likely the largest grocery store in your area. You’ll get the widest variety of options to choose from there, at a variety of price points.

Wrap Up

Pumpkin seeds are a surprisingly versatile food. You can add a little to your salad to give it a nice crunch, roast them in cinnamon to turn them into a snack, or sprinkle a few on top of soup as a fancy garnish.

Beyond their versatility, the greatest thing about pumpkin seeds is how readily available they are. Regardless of what time of year it is, you can easily acquire them at just about any large grocery store.