Where to Buy Isomalt (and Which Grocery Store Aisle It’s in)

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Where to Buy Isomalt

It’s amazing how innovative the culinary world is. There are tons of alternatives to just about every type of food out there, including sugar.

Isomalt is one example of an interesting alternative to sugar. Not only does it taste sweet, but it does not affect blood sugar levels. This makes it popular for diabetics and those simply searching for a better sweetener.

But if you’re interested in baking with isomalt, where can you find it? We’ll tell you where to buy isomalt, both online and in actual stores.

First, however, we’ll provide you a convenient table of links you can use to order isomalt online. Click on any of the links below to order some of our favorite isomalt.

Product Name

Good For

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If You Want to Make Soup

Where to Buy Isomalt

1. Walmart

Isomalt can honestly be a little tricky to find. If you happen to have a Walmart in your area, though, there’s a good chance they may have some 16-ounce bags of isomalt in stock.

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2. Hobby Lobby

Since it’s commonly used in baking, it’s not out of the question that your nearby craft stores might also have some isomalt on hand. Hobby Lobby, for example, might have Sunny Side Up Bakery Isomalt Crystals for sale.

3. Michaels

Like Hobby Lobby, your local Michaels could have some isomalt, too. We found that they have these Wilton Sweet Isomalt Gems, which also come in a large variety of colors.

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4. Your Local Cake/Candy Supply Store

If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but you do have a local cake and candy supply store, be sure to swing by there. Chances are, they have everything you need to bake a good cake, including some isomalt.

5. Amazon

Still unable to find isomalt available locally? Don’t give up – you can always order some online through large sellers like Amazon. If you want to order some isomalt online, you can use any of the links in the table at the top of this guide.

What Aisle is Isomalt in?

At the store and you want to check if they have isomalt? Be sure to stop by the baking goods aisle. Since isomalt is a type of sweetener commonly used in baking, you’re likely to find it alongside other baking goods.

And if you still can’t find it, remember that you can order some online by clicking on the links in the table at the beginning of this guide.

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Common Questions about Buying Isomalt

What can I use instead of isomalt?

Maybe you don’t have time to run to the grocery store quickly. You might have already started to bake something, only to discover you don’t have isomalt on hand. What can you do in this situation?

First, there’s no need to worry. Isomalt is a sweetener. It can essentially be replaced with any other sweetener.

If you’re looking for baking decorations that can be used like isomalt, look for candy gems. They will often work in replacement, too.

Is isomalt better than sugar?

Whenever it comes to using a new form of sweetener, one of the first questions many people have is whether or not the sweetener in question is really better than sugar.

With isomalt, the answer is complex. There are certainly some benefits to isomalt that sugar lacks. For example, it doesn’t impact blood sugar levels and it also doesn’t harm your teeth. 

But there are some drawbacks to it, too. It can cause an upset stomach, much like other sugar-free sweeteners. If this is your first time eating isomalt, be careful to avoid large serving sizes and give your body time to acclimate to it.

Wrap Up

Isomalt is a great alternative sweetener to use in your baking, especially if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake. It’s also great simply because it can be used to make beautiful, clear decorative pieces that take a well-decorated cake or cookie to the next level.

But it’s far from the only sweetener out there. Agave nectar is also popular as a sweetener. You can learn more about it in our post on where to buy agave nectar in the grocery store.