Where to Buy Coconut Yogurt (and Which Grocery Store Aisle It’s in)

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Where to Buy Coconut Yogurt

One of the best things about vegan food is how creative it can get. You might think that being vegan is incredibly restrictive, that all your favorite foods will be off limits, but that is becoming increasingly less true as time goes on. More and more vegans are inventing dairy-free and meat-free alternatives to popular foods, including yogurt.

Coconut yogurt is an excellent example of this creativity. It uses creamy, textured coconut milk to make a dairy-free alternative to yogurt that’s perfect for snacking.

Wondering where you can find it? We’ll make it easy by listing where to buy coconut yogurt and answering some of your top questions about purchasing it.

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Where to Buy Coconut Yogurt

1. Walmart

Walmart is a great starting point if you’re searching for a specific product. Even if they don’t have a particular brand you’re looking for, they’ll usually have an excellent alternative. In the case of coconut yogurt, they have this So Delicious dairy-free plain yogurt that would make a great parfait base.

2. Target

What if you want something a little sweeter than plain yogurt? If you have a Target nearby, then you’re in luck. They may have So Delicious vanilla coconut yogurt in-store.

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3. Publix

Like the aforementioned stores, Publix likely has everything you’re looking for, too. They also have So Delicious dairy-free coconut yogurt. This strawberry-flavored coconut yogurt looks especially tasty.

4. Whole Foods

Another great store to check is Whole Foods. You’re also likely to find So Delicious dairy-free yogurt there.

5. Meijer

If you have a Meijer in your area, you’re in luck. We found that they have a particularly wide range of coconut yogurt flavors, such as So Delicious blueberry yogurt, So Delicious strawberry banana yogurt, and So Delicious key lime yogurt.

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6. Trader Joe’s

Tons of people love shopping at Trader Joe’s every day. If you’re on the lookout for coconut yogurt, you should add this store to your list because they’ll probably have cultured coconut milk, which is like a yogurt substitute.

7. Kroger

Kroger will give you a range of coconut yogurt flavors to choose from, as well. Examples include So Delicious unsweetened vanilla and So Delicious strawberry.

8. Albertsons

You can also stop by an Albertsons if they’re in your neck of the woods. They have both So Delicious dairy-free vanilla yogurt and So Delicious dairy-free raspberry yogurt available.

9. Safeway

As you might have noticed from the stores we listed so far, there are a lot of places where you can grab So Delicious Coconut Yogurt. That also includes Safeway, which has vanilla-flavored coconut yogurt.

10. Hy-Vee

If you’re looking for some more fun flavors, you might be able to find them at Hy-Vee. We found that Hy-Vee has some particularly appealing options, such as blueberry coconut milk yogurt and pineapple coconut milk yogurt.

Coconuts aren’t just good for making yogurt – they can also make a refreshing watery drink. Here’s where to find coconut water in the grocery store.

11. HEB

HEB actually makes its own unique brand of coconut milk yogurt. So, if you’ve got an HEB nearby, you can check there to see if they have this unsweetened coconut milk yogurt in-stock.

12. Amazon

Unable to find any coconut milk yogurt locally? Don’t give up yet! You can always order coconut milk yogurt online through Amazon. We were able to find [amazon fields="B079TM54CC" value="link" title=" this So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative"] on there.

What Aisle is Coconut Yogurt in?

If you’re in the store and looking for coconut yogurt, check out the dairy aisle. Yogurt is usually kept in refrigerated units there, and that’s where you’ll find coconut yogurt if the store in question has it.

Finding coconut cream, on the other hand, is a different story. We can help you find where to buy coconut cream, too.

Common Questions about Buying Coconut Yogurt

What is the best coconut yogurt?

There aren’t as many types of coconut yogurt to choose from as there are types of typical dairy yogurt. One of the most common and popular brands, though, is So Delicious.

We’d recommend them if you can find their yogurt because not only is it dairy-free, but it comes in a decent range of flavors. Like your standard cup of yogurt, you’ll have lots of tasty choices to try out, so you won’t feel restricted.

Is coconut yogurt better than regular yogurt?

Wondering if coconut yogurt is really better than regular yogurt? That depends on what you mean by “better.”

If you’re looking to go vegan or just want dairy-free yogurt for other dietary reasons, coconut yogurt is one of the best alternatives out there. It has a pleasant creamy texture, and it comes in a ton of delicious flavors.

In terms of nutrition, coconut yogurt has a lot of benefits. For instance, you’ll get almost a quarter of your daily recommended calcium and magnesium from it. Like standard yogurt, coconut yogurt is also excellent for promoting gut health. 

Compared to Greek yogurt, coconut yogurt has slightly fewer health benefits. However, Greek yogurt is often identified as one of the best yogurts out there from those made with animal milk. Coconut yogurt is still incredibly healthy when compared with other plant-based alternatives.

Wrap Up

Many people feel like starting a vegan diet means they have to give up all their favorite foods, such as their morning cup of yogurt. The good news is that there are now many plant-based alternatives, including coconut yogurt.

You can eat your coconut yogurt plain, or you can add berries and granola to it to turn it into a parfait. Whatever you do with it, it’s a delicious alternative to yogurt that you’ll love eating.