5 Best Hardtop Gazebos with Sliding Screens

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Best Hardtop Gazebos with Sliding Screens

The only thing better than enjoying your gazebo on a warm summer night is enjoying your gazebo all year round. To get the most out of your extended outdoor living space, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best options for a hardtop gazebo with sliding screens.

These gazebos are unique because they’re enclosed with screens and windows, which means that you can use them in every season, no matter where you live!

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Sojag Charleston Aluminum Patio Gazebo A
Gazebo Penguin Aluminum Wall Mounted Patio Gazebo A
Gazebo Penguin Solarium Aluminum Patio Gazebo A
Paragon-Outdoor Siena Metal Patio Gazebo B+

Best Hardtop Gazebo with Sliding Screens

Sojag Charleston Aluminum Patio Gazebo

Sojag Charleston Aluminum Patio Gazebo


This is the gazebo that makes you sit up and take notice of designs that literally expand the size of your home’s square footage. The Charleston doesn’t attach to the exterior walls of your home (there is an option below that does), but it does closely hug it without the need for a foundation.

Each of the ten surrounding panels (including two sliding doors) comprises a durable polycarbonate plastic window and a mesh screen. To allow for maximum airflow (or heat retention), each panel has three configuration options so that you can best regulate cool or hot air circulation.

No matter your needs or your climate, the Charleston is a customizable hardtop gazebo with sliding screens with something for everyone.


  • Panels with windows and screens
  • It does not require a foundation
  • Suitable for smaller yards
  • Two sliding doors that can be positioned on any side


  • No product warranty

Gazebo Penguin Aluminum Wall Mounted Patio Gazebo

Gazebo Penguin Aluminum Wall Mounted Patio Gazebo


Like Charleston, the wall-mounted aluminum option from Gazebo Penguin is meant to expand the square footage of your home directly.

But unlike Charleston, this option physically attaches to any brick or cement exterior wall. This fundamental difference will significantly improve your ability to control and regulate your interior temperature.

Each of the seven panels (including one locking door) smartly comprises a window and screen that can be configured to manage temperature and control airflow.

With two colors to choose from and a stylized geometric motif around the exterior, this wall-mounted design is one of our favorites because of the attention to both functional and stylistic detail.


  • Elegantly functional design
  • Securely mounts to an exterior wall for maximum temperature control
  • Locking door
  • Polycarbonate roof for maximum durability, temperature control, and filtered light
  • The snow load capacity of 100 lbs
  • One person can assemble it
  • Product warranty


  • Only available in 1 size

Gazebo Penguin Solarium Aluminum Patio Gazebo

Gazebo Penguin Solarium Aluminum Patio Gazebo


The aluminum solarium from Gazebo Penguin is a monument of strength. Constructed from a powder-coated aluminum frame beneath a steel and polycarbonate roof, it’s our favorite option for its durability.

In terms of wind resistance, the solarium is built to withstand gusts up to 54 mph…which is strong enough to blow over trees! On top of that, the roof can withstand up to 100 lbs of snow.

The solarium is also a gorgeous focal point for any property. We especially love the geometric trim around the exterior on both the sand and slate finishes.


  • Insanely strong and durable in all climates for all seasons
  • Locking door
  • UV-, rust- and mildew-resistant
  • Steel grid and polycarbonate roof lets in softly filtered light
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Clean, sophisticated design


  • Fixed placement of sliding doors
  • Requires 3-4 people to assemble

Paragon-Outdoor Siena Metal Patio Gazebo

Paragon-Outdoor Siena Metal Patio Gazebo


If your primary goal is to lounge in a cool ocean, mountain, or just lovely suburban breeze, the Siena Metal Patio Gazebo by Paragon-Outdoor is an excellent choice.

With four top-to-bottom sliding screens on each side, the gazebo will feel like a gentle breezeway from every direction. The effect on a warm evening is even better!

The Siena is usefully flexible when it comes to assembly. Although a foundation isn’t required, the gazebo kit includes anchoring hardware for cement or wood surfaces.

The gazebo’s roof is unique for its use of multi-layered aluminum panels that help with heat regulation and acoustics. The sound of rain on layered aluminum is muffled and soothing.

The Siena is a hardtop gazebo with sliding doors available in 2 sizes. The larger model is more than 5 feet wider. No matter your space constraints, this option boasts luxurious details available to all.


  • 5-year product warranty
  • Sliding screens on all four sides
  • Multi-layered aluminum roof softens acoustics
  • Uniquely luxurious details
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Thoughtful design, well-made construction


  • A multi-layered aluminum roof sometimes makes soft “tinging” noise on especially hot days.

Sojag Charleston Steel Patio Gazebo

Not to be confused with the Sojag Charleston Aluminum Patio Gazebo above, the free-standing steel option from the legendary designers at Sojag is available in 3 sizes to suit any property.

Similar in design to the wall-mounted version, the free-standing Charleston is modern and minimalist in color, emphasizing subtle differences in texture.

We love the galvanized steel roof and powder-coated aluminum frame with a dark gray finish. The combination of steel and aluminum is also one of the best for keeping your hardtop gazebo cool on hot days.

As long as you occasionally clean the gazebo, its materials and construction method ensures that it will remain mildew-, weather-, rain-, and rust-proof for years (and even decades) to come.


  • Sophisticated design with subtly modern details
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Roof hanging weight capacity of up to 15 lbs.
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Independently moving windows with screens
  • Easily anchors to cement or wood foundation


  • Assembly instructions could be clearer

What to Consider when Buying a Hardtop Gazebo with Sliding Screens

Space Requirements and Property Placement

While hardtop gazebos generally require a fair amount of commitment when it comes to placement in your yard, enclosed options require even more so. Some of the designs above top out at 700 lbs and require 3-4 people to assemble.

Another way to say this is that your gazebo stays where it is when you sell your home.  

It’s therefore especially important to be thoughtful and realistic about the size of gazebo that you can comfortably fit on your property. Because many gazebos with sliding screens are so large, many people decide to add an entire outdoor furniture set and/or a hot tub. 

All of that is great but remember that with more furniture also comes more people and the need for them to move around comfortably.


sliding door with lock

Unlike open-air gazebos, the gazebos on this list are closer to an extra room in your home. And an extra room potentially means another space to secure when you’re not on your property.

Thankfully, many of the designs above have a locking door(s) so that you can feel comfortable that your gazebo is almost as safe as your home when left unattended. 

That being said, if you decide to purchase one of the wall-mounted options, you should carefully consider which wall to attach it to. The most important question here is whether you want to be able to access the gazebo from inside your home.

If you do, just remember that the gazebo represents another potentially vulnerable entry point into your home and should be treated as such. 

Final Thoughts

For many people, purchasing a hardtop gazebo with sliding screens is like investing in a separate or detached sunroom from home. There are many different types of gazebos, and finding the design that’s best for you and your family depends on various factors.

Suppose you choose to purchase an enclosed option with sliding screens. In that case, it’s important to understand the many variables that make this design an exceptional way to enjoy your gazebo all year long.

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