5 Best Hardtop Gazebos with Bar – Cheers to Home!

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Best Hardtop Gazebos with Bar

The only thing better than grabbing a drink with friends on a warm summer night is doing it in the best hardtop gazebo with bar that also happens to be in your yard. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best options so that you can start enjoying those perfect summer nights asap.

These gazebos are built for entertaining! No matter what’s on the food & drink menu, these hardtop gazebos have got you covered. 

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Sojag Mykonos Aluminum Patio Gazebo A+
Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo A+

Best Hardtop Gazebo With Bar

Sojag Mykonos Aluminum Patio Gazebo

Sojag Mykonos Aluminum Patio Gazebo


The Sojag Mykonos Aluminum Patio Gazebo has something for everyone. Its footprint of 8’ x 6’ 11” is an ideal size for most yards. There’s enough space to house a modestly-sized free-standing bar with plenty of room to make drinks and play host. 

We love the generous built-in tables on either side of the frame. Standing at 4” tall, they make serving drinks and food to both adults and kids a breeze.

Although you don’t need a foundation to erect the gazebo, it’s aluminum frame and galvanized steel roof weighs almost 230lbs so long-term stability is not a problem with this model. The frame and roof are UV-resistant with a dark brown finish that goes well with any backyard style. 


  • Extremely durable aluminum and galvanized steel construction
  • 2 generously-sized side tables for serving drinks and food
  • Large footprint with a tall roof (8’2”)
  • Clean design that compliments most styles
  • Galvanized steel roof keeps interior temperature cool


  • No manufacturer warranty
  • Heavy gazebo that requires 2 people to assemble
  • No roof vent for hot air to escape

Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo

Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo


The Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo is the smallest gazebo on our list, just shy of 6′ x 8′. It’s a fantastic option for smaller yards and those looking for an economical option for entertaining at home. 

Unlike other Sojag designs, the Dakota is made entirely of powder-coated aluminum, which is rust-, weather- and UV-resistant. However, aluminum does tend to hold heat longer so if you live in an especially hot climate, the Dakota might not be your best bet. 

If you’re looking for a dependable and sturdy, lower-cost option, the Dakota will deliver. The sleek design and generous side table space allows for ease of use inside the gazebo and streamlines drink and food pick-up outside. 


  • Budget-friendly solution 
  • All-aluminum construction makes gazebo assembly less complicated
  • Generous countertop space on both sides of frame
  • Compact for smaller yards
  • Rust-resistant aluminum with sleek gray finish 
  • 1 year product warranty


  • Lightweight gazebo that truly needs a foundation to anchor

Sojag Ventura BBQ Aluminum Grill Gazebo

With a footprint of 8′ x 6′, the Sojag Ventura BBQ Aluminum Grill Gazebo is an excellent choice for any yard size. Not too big to look cramped in modest spaces but also not necessarily compact, this model from the trusted folks at Sojag has everything that you need for dinner and drinks at home.

Constructed with a powder-coated aluminum frame and galvanized steel roof, the Venture is sturdy, durable and easily anchored with screws onto any cement or wood foundation. The roof can even handle a modest amount of snow making the Ventura a year-round gazebo!

The outdoor counter space on both sides of the frame streamlines the serving of food or drinks while also giving the chef/bartender extra space to whip up something delicious. 


  • Galvanized steel roof can handle modest snow accumulation
  • Year-round hardtop gazebo
  • Ample interior space but also appropriately sized for modest-sized yards
  • Mildew, rust and weather resistant
  • 1 year product warranty; 2 year warranty against roof rust perforation


  • Light frame that truly requires a foundation for anchor

Sol 72 Wimbled Aluminum Grill Gazebo

The Sol 72 Wimbled Aluminum Grill Gazebo is one of our favorite hardtop gazebos with bar because of the many small but impactful features. If you live in an especially rainy climate or would just like to stay dry with a cocktail during the occasional shower, this is the gazebo for you. 

Not only does it have a galvanized steel roof for temperature control but its capped with a single-tier vent which will help smoke and hot air escape quicker. This is a critical feature if you plan to also house a grill (or firepit) in your gazebo. 

With a 9’5″ x 6′ footprint, it’s the largest hardtop gazebo with bar on our list and it’s an especially tempting addition for larger yards that need a singular focal point. With two side tables atop art deco-inspired side panels, the Wimbled gazebo is crucial to the perfect night in. 


  • Galvanized steel roof with single-tier vent for smoke and air escape
  • Large footprint for the ultimate in outdoor entertaining
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with sophisticated dark gray finish
  • Does not require a foundation
  • Art deco style


  • No manufacturer warranty
  • Heavy gazebo that requires 2 people to assemble

Shade Trend Steel Grill Gazebo

With a footprint of only 6’10” x 4’2”, the Shade Trend Steel Grill Gazebo is a great compact and economical option for smaller yards. Made with a powder-coated steel frame and a treated steel roof, this model is sturdy without the need for a foundation. 

The frame has a hammered pewter finish making it especially attractive for those with modern tastes. We especially like the minimalist curved roof because you can hang bar or grill attachments directly from it without taking up valuable counter space. 

The gazebo will perfectly encase a standard-size grill or free-standing bar with plenty of room to accommodate the 2 serving tables on either side of the frame. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Conveniently compact for small yards
  • Doesn’t require a foundation
  • 2 built-in serving tables on opposing sides
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to assemble


  • Base and crowns are made of high-density plastic
  • Not a good option for windy yards
  • Small footprint also means small shaded area

What To Consider When Buying A Hardtop Gazebo With Bar

Interior Temperature & Air Flow

gazebo roof vent

Despite hardtop gazebos having no walls, it’s still important to solve for problems of temperature and air flow. Especially if you add a grill or other free-standing drink/food prep table, things can get stuffy inside a gazebo on a hot day. 

If you’ll be cooking (not just pouring) in your gazebo, consider options with a single- or double-tier roof vent to keep things cool. Construction material also greatly impacts whether your hardtop gazebo is hot or not. 


How long do hardtop gazebos last is a crucial question to ask when you’re looking to purchase a gazebo.

Hardtop options especially, even more so than other types of gazebos, are meant to stay standing for many years (and even decades). How durable your gazebo is depends on several factors including type of construction material and how well you maintain it. 

No matter which design you decide to purchase,  you should expect to invest some maintenance time on a yearly basis. Gazebos are outdoor extensions of your living space and should be cared for like the rooms inside your home.

Side Curtains/Panels

gazebo dining area

Finally, if you plan to store glasses or other tableware inside, gazebo options with side panels/curtains are useful for keeping dirt, grass, and other random but regular elements at bay.  

There are plenty of options (including many on this list) that will arrive at your home with extra accessories including hanging utensil hooks and mesh privacy curtains. In addition to keeping bar and food items dust-free, the side curtains also keep insects out.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a warm night with a cold drink in their hand. The hardtop gazebos with bars on this list will make that dream a reality while also adding a stunning addition to your property. 

If you’re going to extend your living space outdoors, your gazebo should be multi-functional so that you’re never without good shade, good food, and great drinks!