5 Best Gazebo Fans with Remote

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Best Gazebo Fans with Remote

Finding the best gazebo fan with remote can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You’ll be hard pressed to find any manufacturers that are producing fans exclusively for gazebos. 

Luckily we know what you’re looking for. Here are our top picks for the best gazebo fan with a remote control. At the end, we also explain 4 important considerations to keep in mind while you’re looking for that perfect addition to your hardtop gazebo

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Modern Forms 3-Blade Outdoor Smart Propeller Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit A+
Fanimation Hugh 3-Blade Outdoor LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit A+

Best Gazebo Fan with Remote

Modern Forms 3-Blade Outdoor Smart Propeller Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit

Modern Forms 3-Blade Outdoor Smart Propeller Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit 


Trim and slim, the 3-blade Smart Propeller Ceiling Fan operates with a stealthy DC motor – you won’t hear this silent unit. This fan is the only one on our list to have multiple options for LED color temperature, which means that you’ll be in complete control of nightly ambiance in your gazebo.

Just as smart in design and function, this innovative model from Modern Forms is compatible with the manufacturer’s app as well as with Amazon Echo and Nest. We also love that the battery-operated remote control works via bluetooth and comes with a wall mount. No more losing the remote!

The fan mounts flush to any ceiling so this model is the perfect fit for a hardtop gazebo of any height.  


  • Flush mounting will fit all gazebo heights
  • Battery-operated bluetooth remote control with wall mount
  • Smart-enabled functions with Modern Forms app as well as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Nest, and Samsung SmartThings 
  • Integrated LED bulb with color temperature options
  • 5-year commercial and product warranty


  • Integrated LED light can be cumbersome to replace

Fanimation Hugh 3-Blade Outdoor LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit

Fanimation Hugh 3-Blade Outdoor LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit


We love the Hugh 3-blade outdoor ceiling fan from Fanimation. It’s one of the smallest fans on our list but will still efficiently cool a medium-large gazebo up to 12’ x 14’. It’s a sleek and compact design with 4 finish options to beautifully complement any hardtop gazebo design.

The integrated LED lighting is built into the dome of the fan, which makes the Hugh one of the most energy-efficient options on our list. You’ll need a professional to change the LED bulb if necessary, but we think that’s a small price to pay for the unit’s lifetime product warranty. 

With the purchase of an additional control, the Hugh is also bluetooth and wifi-compatible so you can control the fan speed and light with your home’s existing voice-activated, smart device. 


  • Flush mounting will fit all gazebo heights
  • 4 finish options
  • Dimmable LED light kit
  • Comes with wall control and light cap
  • Bluetooth or WiFi compatible
  • Lifetime product warranty


  • No commercial warranty
  • Required controls sold separately for fan to be bluetooth or WiFi compatible

Orren Ellis Zilla 3-Blade Outdoor LED Standard Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit

The Zilla’s sleek design pairs perfectly with the clean lines of any hardtop gazebo. This Orren Ellis model comes in 3 finishes, each of which includes an integrated LED light for the greatest energy efficiency. 

To bolster its streamlined appearance and increase energy efficiency, the LED light is a no-touch light plate that’s dimmable with the included remote control. Rated for wet locations and mounted with a short down rod, the Zilla is best suited for cooling gazebos of all heights and with a footprint of up to 12’ x 14’.      


  • Mounted with short downrod to accommodate most gazebo roof heights
  • Integrated LED light is ultra energy efficient
  • Suitable for medium-large gazebos up to 12’ x 14’ 
  • 3 finish options
  • 1-year product warranty


  • No manufacturer warranty
  • Integrated LED light can only be replaced by a professional

Red Barrel Studio Muhja 5-Blade Outdoor Standard Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit

If your gazebo is taller than average or has a tiered roof, the 5-blade Muhja from Red Barrel Studio might be your favorite purchase of the year. It’s rare to find a gazebo-compatible fan with a lantern light kit. It’s the epitome of rustic elegance.

The light kit includes a candelabra fixture with 3 incandescent light bulbs that can be dimmed with the remote control. The 5 plastic blades of the fan have a manual reverse speed option on the unit. 

We love that the Muhja comes with a multi-year product and manufacturer warranty. If your gazebo has a roofline that’s closer to a pavilion, this fan also comes with a sloped ceiling kit to accommodate that design. 


  • Classic candelabra lantern design is perfect for any gazebo setting
  • 5 blades with reverse speed option
  • Compatible with included remote control and wall control
  • 2-year product and commercial warranty
  • Dimmable incandescent bulbs


  • Mounted with long downrod so might hang too low for some gazebo heights

Mercury Row Robledo 3-Blade Outdoor Propeller Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit

With 3 blades and a whopping 6 speeds, the Robledo from Mercury Row will give you extra control over the breeze setting inside your gazebo. The model comes with 2 integrated halogen bulbs that are dimmable with the included remote control or wall control unit.

The Robledo mounts without downrod which makes it the perfect minimalist addition to a hardtop gazebo of any height. You also have the option of installing the fan without the light kit. The pearlescent dome that encases the 2 halogen bulbs is a lovely centerpiece to your unit even if not lit. 


  • Flush mounting will fit all gazebo heights
  • Compatible with included remote control and wall control
  • Product warranty
  • Dimmable bulbs via remote control


  • No commercial warranty

What to Consider with Buying a Gazebo Fan with Remote

Features that Your Gazebo Fan Needs to Have

When considering adding a fan to your hardtop gazebo, there are 4 features that any gazebo fan with remote needs to have.

Wet Rated

The gazebo fan needs to be wet-rated. A wet-rated fan is a fan that can be installed outdoors and exposed to the elements. 

Weatherproof Junction Box

A junction box is necessary for almost all installed electrical devices. A junction box (aka j-box) encloses wiring connections, provides a surface for mounting the electrical unit, protects users from contact with live wires, and protects your home from fire from loose live wires. 

When you install a ceiling fan in your gazebo, you will also need to install a waterproof junction box to serve as the liaison between the fan and a home electric circuit. Most likely, your j-box will need to be outside and thus, it will need to be waterproof so that the wires inside are not damaged by the elements.

Covered Canopy

Be sure that any fan you purchase for your gazebo has a canopy that completely covers the wires inside the fan. These wires will connect to the hardware in your j-box. It’s just as important to have a fan canopy as it is to have a waterproof junction box.  

Flush Mounting

There are a few ways for outdoor fans to be mounted to the ceiling of a gazebo. Most fans mount with a long downrod so that the blades operate a few feet from the ceiling. However, most of the models that we recommended in this post are flush mounted and do not have a downrod.

We like flush-mounted designs because they are easier to make waterproof when mounted directly to a j-box. Without a downrod, the entire fan mounts higher up which make them ideal for any height of hardtop gazebo.

That being said, as long as the fan has a canopy and you ensure that the canopy and j-box are completely covering all of the live wires, a wet-rated outdoor fan with any type of mount will work in a gazebo.

Installing Electricity in your Gazebo

I’m going to burst your bubble. Unless you build your own, there are no hardtop gazebos that arrive at your home with electricity already installed. You have to install electricity before you can use your remote to turn on your new gazebo fan. Check out this article for all the details about how to do this

Final Thoughts

Once you get a gazebo and start living the gazebo life, it’s natural to want to improve it. Adding a fan that you can easily operate with a remote or even your phone is one of our favorite ways to upgrade your outdoor space. 

As long as you keep in mind the considerations laid out above, you’ll be enjoying a cool breeze inside your gazebo in no time.