Why the Pound Cake Is the Best Cake for Grilling

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Grilling is a great way to enjoy the warm weather while indulging in delicious food. Many people will grill meats, vegetables, and even fruits, but did you know that pound cake is also perfect for grilling? In this article, we will dive into the reasons why the pound cake is the best cake for grilling. We will also explore the evolution of pound cakes and grilling, provide you with the perfect pound cake recipe for grilling, and give you tips on how to grill the perfect pound cake every time.

Baking: What’s the Difference?

Before we dive into why pound cake is the best cake for grilling, let’s first clarify the difference between baking and grilling. Baking involves cooking food in an enclosed space by surrounding it with heat, such as an oven. Grilling, on the other hand, involves cooking food over an open flame or hot coals, with the heat source coming from below or above the food.

The Evolution of Pound Cakes and Grilling

Historically, the pound cake was a staple in the United States during the colonial era. The original recipe was simple, consisting of one pound each of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. However, as time passed, people began to experiment with the pound cake recipe and add different flavorings, such as lemon juice or vanilla extract.

Grilling, on the other hand, has been around for centuries and has been a popular method of cooking all around the world. While grilling meats and vegetables has been the norm for a long time, grilling desserts has only recently gained popularity. Grilling adds a smoky flavor to food that you can’t achieve through baking, making it the perfect method for enhancing the flavor of certain desserts, such as pound cake.

The Perfect Pound Cake Recipe for Grilling

If you’re looking to grill pound cake, it’s important to have the perfect recipe. A good pound cake recipe will ensure that your cake is firm enough to hold up on the grill but still moist and delicious. Here’s our perfect pound cake recipe for grilling:

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup milk

To make this pound cake, first preheat your grill to medium-high heat. Then, in a large mixing bowl, cream together the softened butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, followed by the vanilla extract. Sift in the flour, baking powder, and salt, and mix until just combined. Finally, add in the milk and mix until the batter is smooth.

Transfer the batter into a greased 9×5-inch loaf pan and place on the grill. Grill for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Remove from the grill and let cool completely before slicing and serving.

Tips for Grilling the Perfect Pound Cake Every Time

Grilling pound cake might seem intimidating, but with these tips, you’ll be able to make the perfect grilled pound cake every time:

  • Use a pound cake recipe that is sturdy enough to hold up on the grill but still moist and delicious.
  • Preheat your grill before placing your pound cake on it.
  • Grease your loaf pan well to prevent sticking.
  • Place your loaf pan on the grill away from direct heat.
  • Cover the grill to trap in the heat and create a baking atmosphere.
  • Keep a close eye on the pound cake while it’s on the grill to prevent burning.

Pairing Pound Cake with Grilled Fruits for a Delicious Dessert

One of the best things about grilling pound cake is that it pairs perfectly with grilled fruits. Grilled fruit has an intense caramelized flavor that complements the smoky flavor of the grilled pound cake. Here are some grilled fruits that pair perfectly with grilled pound cake:

  • Peaches
  • Pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Apricots

To grill fruit, simply cut them into slices and grill for 1-2 minutes per side. Serve the grilled pound cake with your favorite grilled fruit and a dollop of whipped cream for a delicious dessert.

How to Use Different Types of Grills to Grill Your Pound Cake

You don’t have to have a fancy grill to grill your pound cake. Here are some tips on how to grill pound cake on different types of grills:

  • Gas Grill: Preheat your grill to medium-high heat and use a greased loaf pan to grill your pound cake.
  • Charcoal Grill: Create two heat zones by dividing the charcoal, place the loaf pan on the indirect heat side and cover the grill.
  • Smoker: Preheat your smoker and use a greased loaf pan to grill your pound cake in the smoker for a unique smoky flavor.

The Secret to Achieving a Perfectly Golden Brown Crust on Your Grilled Pound Cake

To achieve a perfectly golden brown crust on your grilled pound cake, you’ll need to brush the top of the cake with a mixture of melted butter and sugar before placing it on the grill. This will create a caramelization effect that will give your pound cake a delicious crust.

Adding Flavors and Variations to Your Grilled Pound Cake Recipe

If you’re looking to mix things up, there are many ways to add different flavors and variations to your grilled pound cake recipe. Here are some ideas:

  • Add lemon zest or juice to the pound cake batter for a lemony twist.
  • Top your pound cake with fresh berries or sliced fruit before serving.
  • Make a glaze using powdered sugar and milk, and drizzle it over the pound cake before slicing and serving.

Creative Ways to Serve Your Grilled Pound Cake at Summer Parties and BBQs

Grilled pound cake is a perfect dessert for summer parties and BBQs. Here are some creative ways to serve your grilled pound cake:

  • Cut the grilled pound cake into slices, grill them again quickly, and serve them with ice cream.
  • Cut the grilled pound cake into cubes and skewer them with grilled fruit for a delicious fruit kabob.
  • Serve grilled pound cake with a side of homemade whipped cream and fresh berries.

Can You Freeze and Reheat Grilled Pound Cake? Pros and Cons

If you have leftovers, you might be wondering if you can freeze and reheat grilled pound cake. The answer is yes, you can. However, there are some pros and cons to consider:


  • You can save leftovers for a later time.
  • Grilled pound cake freezes well and can be reheated easily in the oven or microwave.


  • The texture of the grilled pound cake may change slightly when it’s frozen and reheated.
  • The caramelization effect may be lost when the grilled pound cake is reheated.

Why the Moisture Content of Your Pound Cake Matters for Grilling Success

The moisture content of your pound cake is crucial for grilling success. If your pound cake is too dry, it will not hold up well on the grill and may burn. If it’s too moist, it may fall apart and stick to the grill. Follow the recipe closely, and if you’re making any substitutions or changes, be sure to adjust the moisture level accordingly.

Serving Suggestions: Ice Cream, Whipped Cream or Fresh Fruits with Your Grilled Pound Cake

As we’ve mentioned before, grilled pound cake goes well with a variety of toppings and flavors. Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Top your grilled pound cake with a scoop of ice cream.
  • Drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel sauce over the top of your grilled pound cake.
  • Serve your grilled pound cake with a side of homemade whipped cream.
  • Top your grilled pound cake with fresh berries or sliced fruit.

How to Adjust Cooking Time and Temperature for Different Size or Shape of your Pound Cake

If you’re using a different size or shape of loaf pan for your pound cake, you’ll need to adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly. A larger loaf pan will take longer to cook, while a smaller one will cook faster. Keep an eye on the cake and adjust the cooking time and temperature as needed to ensure it’s fully cooked but not burnt.

Gluten-Free & Vegan Options for Your Grilled Pound Cake Recipe

If you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan options for your grilled pound cake recipe, you can make some simple substitutions:

For a gluten-free option:

  • Use gluten-free flour instead of all-purpose flour.
  • Make sure all other ingredients are gluten-free.

For a vegan option:

  • Use vegan butter or coconut oil instead of butter.
  • Use non-dairy milk instead of dairy milk.
  • Substitute the eggs with a vegan egg replacement, such as applesauce or flax eggs.

In conclusion, the pound cake is one of the best cakes for grilling because it’s sturdy enough to hold up well on the grill but still moist and delicious. Follow the tips and tricks we’ve outlined in this article to make the perfect grilled pound cake every time. Experiment with different flavors, toppings, and serving suggestions to make your grilled pound cake your own unique creation. Happy grilling!