15+ Red Flowers with White Center

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Red Flowers with White Center

Red flowers are a great addition to a garden. They look even more unique when they have white cores for emphasis. The following are red flowers with noticeable white centers. 



This 6-petaled flower is admired for its vibrant color and height. It thrives on warm temperatures particularly in South Africa. This flower embodies “success” thus commonly given to esteemed people. 



These are also called “windflowers” that have white linings at their center. It is a toxic flower that was even historically used for menstrual pains and cramps. In Greek mythology, anemones represent forsaken love or death. 



Also known as “laceleaf”, anthurium has a distinguishing red, heart-like shape and white stamen. It represents good friendship and forever love. It is among the top indoor plants of NASA effective in purifying 

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart flower is known for its dangling heart shape. It comes in different shapes of red with white tips. It grows in East Asia and Siberia. 



Coming in red and different colors, protruding white stamen, and vine structure, the clematis is called the “Queen of Climbers”. It is the most popular among the perennial vines.



The dianthus flower has white outlines, pink to red inner petals, and white center. It has Greek origins of “dios” or god and “anthos” or flower. Throughout the ages, this flower has been revered as a “heavenly flower”. 

Dwarf Dahlia


Dwarf dahlias have a wide variety of colors including red and have a white to yellow center color. Giving these flowers to someone means you wish them good luck or congratulate them.



Gladiolus appear in a wide range of colors with bright inner colors stacked on a single stem. Although it is historically linked to heroism, it can also be very poisonous for your dog. 


Its scientific name is Sinningia speciosa. This indoor and perennial flower is stunning and befitting in this list. It originated from Brazil but it can now be planted in the US. . 



This cold loving flower is also called “Christmas rose”. It starts to bloom in winter all the way to summer. Despite its beauty, all its parts are poisonous to humans and pets. 


With varied shades, pentas can have a red outer color and a white inner color that grow by clusters. In Africa where it is naturally growing, it is converted by the natives into a cure for malaria, dysentery, snake poisoning, etc. 



Poppies grow in different shades of red. It is a popular World War I memorial symbol because poppies represent death and remembrance. 



The red variety is also known as “Red Devil”. It is a perennial plant that can cover a lot of ground with its bright red flowers. Despite its name’s allusion with the unlikely spirits, it is historically used to ward off bad spirits.  


An intact 5 petaled flower with a spot-on white “eye”, red vincas are also called “Cora Red”. In the Medieval Period, it was heavily linked to Christianity’s Virgin Mary.  



Zinnias are multi-petaled red flowers with white to yellow inner shades. They only bloom for a week or so. Butterflies and hummingbirds are particularly drawn to them because of their large bloom.