15+ Red Flowers with Long Stems

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Thinking of adding new plants to add to your garden? These red flowers with long stems are gathered just for you. 


Red anemone stems grow from 9 inches to 18 inches depending on sun exposure and care. Even though they stand that tall, they represent “fragility” in the Language of Flowers.  


The stems of anthuriums can stretch from 6 inches to 15 inches. They are used prominently on bouquets to add variety and a splash of color. Perhaps due to how it can complement different bouquet styles, Anthuriums represent “hospitality”.

Calla Lily 

Calla lilies bloom on each stem. The stems have to be long and sturdy to support the 3 to 8-inch flower. Calla lily stems range from 24 to 35 inches. 


Canna lilies grow from 17 inches (pixie size) to 79 inches (tall size). They thrive in most parts of Australia. Red cannas particularly love the sunshine while the white ones are better off in the shade.   

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flowers rise from the ground up at 36 to 72 inches of stem and stack themselves up. It is usually found in North America. The Native American tribe of Iroquois used this for fever treatment while the Pawnee tribe used this to concoct love potions. 


Chrysanthemums are known for their sturdy stem that can support the abundantly petaled flower. The stems measure from 12 to 36 inches.Teas made from the flower are greatly consumed and enjoyed in East and Southeast Asia.  


Freesias are harvested from 12 to 15 inches. Aside from their beauty, freesias are gathered for aromatherapy or relaxation brought by soothing scents. In the Language of Flowers, Freesias symbolize the highest confidence of trust. 


The Imperialis can also grow from 12 to 36 inches. Its distinguishing feature is a flower that faces down from the stem hence making a crown-like look. The plant has the toxin “imperialine”. 


The lisianthus can reach from 12 to 34 inches. It can be a common sight among bouquets and corsages. Because of lisianthus’ dainty beauty, it also bears the meaning of long-term bonds between people. . 

Red Marigold

Red marigolds show their majesty at 6 to 24 inches. Its red, orange, and yellow hues convey good luck and happiness in life. Throughout the world, marigolds are used in medicine and culinary arts. 

Red Salvia

Red salvias rise from 18 to 30 inches. These plants can adapt to every climate to produce abundant leaves and even more abundant flowers per stem. Red salvias embody the affectionate sentiment of being “forever mine”.

Red Sunflower

Red sunflowers, like other sunflowers, can reach from 15 to 96 inches. Red sunflower’s representations on vitality and energy can be based on the fact that this flower can be food or converted into valuable oil. 


Short-stemmed roses average at 15.75 inches while long-stemmed roses go around 23 inches. Red roses are imbued with cultural messages of romance and affection.  

Scarlet Sage

Scarlet sages grow from 36 to 48 inches. They hug closely to the single stem they grow in. Unlike the others in this list, these red flowers prefer the cold weather.  


Tulips are the classic trumpet flowers that rise from 12 to 36 inches. The tulip was historically a favorite by Ottoman emperors. Tulips represent deep love.