Can I Use Cumin Instead Of Curry Powder (EXPLAINED)

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Can I use cumin instead of curry powder?

Question of the Day:  Can I Use Cumin Instead of Curry Powder?

Quick Answer: Since cumin is typically an ingredient in curry powder, you can replace cumin with curry powder. However, you may want to consider that the dish may come out more one-dimensional as curry powder has a broad spectrum of complementary flavors. If you want to enhance the flavor of cumin without having curry powder on hand you can add 1/4 part allspice or cinnamon to the cumin that you’re adding to the recipe. 

For example, say the recipe calls for 1 tbsp of curry powder. You can use 3/4 tbsp of cumin and 1/4 tbsp cinnamon or allspice. This will give the dish a more rounded flavor than using curry powder alone.