Can I Use Cumin Instead Of Coriander (EXPLAINED)

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Can I use cumin instead of coriander?

Question of the Day: Can I Use Cumin Instead of Coriander?

Quick Answer: You can use cumin instead of coriander, but your dish probably won’t taste exactly the same. Even though cumin and coriander are often used in similar cuisines, cumin has a strong nutty and earthy flavor while coriander is strong, bright, and citrusy. If you are going to replace cumin with coriander be sure to use a bit less cumin. for example, if your recipe calls for 1 tbsp of coriander you may want to substitute that with 3/4 tbsp of cumin. We recommend adding less cumin and then tasting your dish that way you don’t overpower a recipe that wasn’t calling for cumin in the first place. Too much cumin can easily throw off a dish’s flavor and some might even find it “offensive”.