Where to Buy Black Rice – List of Grocery Stores, Bulk & Wholesale Black Rice

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where to buy black rice

Black rice is a wonderful way to elevate any rice dish. It adds flavor, is visually stunning, gluten-free, and very nutritious when compared to other forms of rice. The only issue is that while its popularity is growing, black rice isn’t always easy to find. 

Wanting to try black rice but don’t know where to look, No worries. In this guide we will show you where to buy black rice: 

  • In grocery stores.
  • Online.
  • In bulk amounts.
  • At wholesale prices.

Where to Buy Black Rice – List of Grocery Stores & Online Sellers



Kroger is one of the principal grocery chains in The United States serving communities of all types. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they offer several brands of black rice including Lundberg Family Farms and Nature’s Earthly Choice.



As the world’s largest retailer Walmart has almost anything you could need including multiple brands and varieties of black rice from around the world. 

whole foods

Whole Foods

With Whole Foods Market’s dedication to providing healthy eating alternatives it only makes sense that they would offer many kinds of forbidden rice and black rice-based products.  

Your Local Health Food Store

Health food stores will often have black rice even when local markets don’t. Specializing in healthy alternatives is their business. If there is a health food store in your area, it could be just the place to look.

Your Local Gourmet Shop

asian market

Foodies by nature are always looking for new tasty alternatives to the ordinary. This is a perfect description of black rice. Considering its rising popularity, your local gourmet shop is highly likely to have black rice.

Your Local Asian Market 

While just now gaining popularity in the West, black rice has been known and cherished across Asia for thousands of years. If the proprietor of your local Asian market doesn’t stock black rice, they can probably tell you where to find it.


There is little you can’t buy off Amazon. If you don’t have time to go to the store or just don’t feel like venturing out, you can use the links below to shop our top choices for black rice that you can buy online.

Where to Buy Bulk Black Rice

Mount Hope Wholesale 

In business for over 35 years, Mount Hope Wholesale was one of the first U.S. suppliers to bring bulk black rice to our markets. They offer 5 lb. and 22 lb. (10 kilos) sacks of black rice and offer free shipping on orders over $60.

Real Plastic Free

real plastic free

Real Plastic Free is a company dedicated to proving good food can be earth-friendly. They offer Real Foods Organic Black Rice in a variety of sizes all packaged in biodegradable materials.


Amazon as you might expect also offers a range of choices for buying bulk black rice. One that we have noticed is most often in stock is ROM America Black Rice.

ROM America Black Rice

ROM AMERICA [ 4 Pound ] Black Rice 검정쌀

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Where to Buy Wholesale Black Rice

grocery store grains

There are only two black rice wholesalers that we have had any experience with and can recommend with any confidence to U.S. buyers. One we have already discussed, Mount Hope Wholesale. It is a family-owned and operated food supplier located in Arizona. 

The other is Chakhao. Based in Manipur, India, they sell direct from the farmers to consumers around the world. They are known for fast shipping and superb customer service.

What Grocery Store Aisle is Black Rice In?

You can usually find black rice in the Asian or ethnic section of any major grocery store chain. However, it usually comes in small packages so if you’re going to be eating a lot of it, it’s best to order online.