Why Are My Green Bell Peppers Turning Black? (EXPLAINED)

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Why Are My Green Bell Peppers Turning Black_

Question of the Day: Why are my green bell peppers turning black?

Quick Answer: There are several reasons why bell peppers may turn black.

Some varieties naturally turn black or deep purple, and others are prone to turning black if they receive too much sun. Cooler weather can also cause the skin of some green bell peppers to darken.

As long as there are no black spots or soft places on the peppers, these conditions are nothing to get too excited over.

You could have an issue if you notice spotting on your peppers or the fruits go soft at the bottom. This condition is commonly called “blossom end rot.” A lack of calcium causes it.

Your soil could be low in calcium, but the more common cause is a lack of regular watering. If your bell pepper plants are wilting in between waterings, you will need to increase the frequency of giving them a drink. Adding mulch around the plants can also help the soil retain moisture.

Any fruits that have been hit with blossom end rot should be removed from the plant to ensure its health. These bell peppers are safe to eat if you cut the soft spots away.