Which Bell Peppers Are the Sweetest? (EXPLAINED)

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Which Bell Peppers Are the Sweetest

Have you ever wondered which bell peppers are the sweetest? If you have, then you are reading the right article.

This piece will look at the sweetest types of capsicum, which have the mildest flavor and are bell peppers the same as sweet peppers.  

Which Bell Peppers Are the Sweetest?

cupid bell peppers

If you talk to pepper experts, you will find three varieties of bell peppers that are generally considered the sweetest of them all; Candy Apple, Sweet Sunrise, and Cupid. All three types can rate an 11 or better on the Brix scale and often have readings in the teens when fully mature.

Of course, you can’t expect sugar levels this high without excellent growing conditions and near-perfect weather. Under similar conditions, almost any completely ripe capsicum will be exceptionally sweet.

It is the maturity of the bell pepper more than the variety that has the most significant effect on their sweetness. People have developed hundreds of bell peppers ranging from miniature to gargantuan and in color from translucent to near black.

While some are known for specific traits, they all go through a similar taste transition as they mature. They start tangy when they are young and immature. For most types, these will be green. Then they will slowly transition to their mature color. This will be a bright red for the majority of varieties but could be yellow-orange or even dark brown or purple.

If you buy rather than raise bell peppers, your safest bet is to purchase the darkest red peppers you can find. These will be the sweetest.

The good news is bell peppers that aren’t quite sweet enough for snacking can still be excellent for cooking. Regardless of the ripeness of the capsicum, cooking brings out its sweetness.

What is the mildest tasting bell pepper?

stuffed orange bell pepper

Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers are generally the mildest tasting with the least amount of pepper flavor and greatest sweetness. If you truly want the gentlest of them all, a few varieties are noted for their subtle flavors.

‘Islanders,’ also known as the chameleon, is a delightful type of capsicum that also brings a lot of colors to your garden. They go from lavender to a yellow-orange and finally turn a bright red.

The ‘Horizon Orange’ is an heirloom variety that has been known for its gentle nature for over a century. Thick-walled they are ideal for stuffed peppers. ‘Sun Bright’ truly shines on vegetable plater or grilled, and you can say the same thing about the ‘Touchdown.’

Are Sweet Peppers Different Than Bell Peppers?

sweet peppers

No, bell peppers are not different from sweet peppers. In fact, bell peppers are the only true sweet peppers. Capsicum annuum (bell pepper/capsicum) is the only pepper species that contains zero capsaicin. They are not even capable of producing it.

Capsaicin is a potent alkaline compound that makes peppers hot. Scientists believe that chili peppers developed the chemical as a deterrent to animals eating their fruits. It is also used to make bear spray.

People often but mistakenly call some other types of peppers sweet peppers, and some even use the word in their name. Sweet banana peppers are an example. But all peppers other than bell peppers contain some capsaicin, meaning they have the potential to be hot.

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