When Are Green Bell Peppers Ready To Pick? (EXPLAINED)

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When Are Green Bell Peppers Ready To Pick_

Question of the Day: When are green bell peppers ready to pick?

Quick Answer: You can pick green bell peppers as soon as the fruit appears, but it is not advisable. The best time to pick them is once they have reached full growth.

Bell peppers are edible at any point in their development, but the longer they stay on the vine, the sweeter and more nutritious they will be. Peppers picked too early will be very bitter.

Generally, it is best to wait until your green bell peppers have grown to approximately three inches across and four inches long before picking them. This is what most commercial growers do.

Another method to ensure you get the sweetest green bell peppers possible is to wait until you see the first signs of them starting to change colors and then pick all the fruit from the plant. If this method is used early enough in the growing season, it can cause the plant to put on a second bloom and give you a late harvest to enjoy.